My gift in this life time is the ability to read conditions based in the body through energy. This allows an understanding of blockages, patterns and their underlying mental and emotional causes.

These energy reads are a connection to each of our souls and therefore opens a new door of understanding for everybody.
– Mona

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I decided to write this article due to the amazing insights I have been receiving recently. As a Medical Intuitive healer, I read energy as easy as it is to pour a glass of water. To me, it’s illusive and everything stems from a thought, or an idea. So when I have been in my quiet times, I have been asking and listening to the messages coming through that I wanted to share with everyone who has been having challenging times, most recently, in the last few months. Our planets have been so active, and any astrologer would tell you that we are in the most amazing and important times in history! Why?
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Featured Event

Nemenhah-Sapatan-Bend-June20-24Sahaptan Guide Training – Intensive Training Series
 Description: Provided for Medicine Men and Women of the Nemenhah Indigenous Traditional Organization (Native American Church of Nemenhah), this intensive training series emphasizes on personal, professional and spiritual development using ancient Native American restorative principles. Nemenhah Medicine Men and Women are members of a sacred Order of like-minded Ministers and Healers who dedicate themselves to healing the Individual, the Family, the Community, Society and our Mother Earth in the all-encompassing Five-Fold Mission of the Nemenhah People.

Prerequisites: Spiritual Adoption into the Nemenhah ITO (www.nemenhah.org/spiritual-adoption). Please note that the suggested Offering for enrollment is included in the Event Fee (be sure to inform your Host if you have already made an Offering for Spiritual Adoption/Student Enrollment).

Study Material:
Obtain a copy of the Uniform Curriculum for Nemenhah Ministry – Complete Text (www.uninem.org/textbooks).

Sahaptan Medicine: the Medicine Wheel Legend, Totems and the Four Pillars.
Spiritual Emergence: applying the Sahaptan Medicine Wheel to personal spiritual growth.
Temporal (Physical) Emergence: applying the Sahaptan Medicine Wheel to Natural Healing.
Sacred “Personalities:” balancing the Medicine Wheel.
Cultural Emergence: Sahaptan Consensus Council.
Introduction to Looks Within Medicine: Sahaptan Terrain (pH) Management.
Introduction to Sacred Indigenous Healing: Ehlahts Kohwaht (ancient indigenous body/energywork).


When: June 20th – 24th, 2016 ~ Sunburst Retreat (Hank Queen).
Address: 67155 Sunburst Street Bend, OR 97701.
Tuition: Price Reduced to $650
Contact: Mona at twentyhawks@yahoo.com (contact Mona for signup and details.)
Training Provided: Sahaptan Guide Certification (approx. 20 UNINEM semester credit units)

Future Events

June 2-5th
Working in Portland for clients


June 9-14
HOT SPRINGS, ARK. attending the KRYON CONFERENCE with Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, and Joe Dispenza


SOUL TALK guest speaking with Patty Malek – REPLAY
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June 19th
Spiritual Awareness Community: I will be speaking about Solstice and the Shift


June 20-24th
Hosting the NEMENHAH as they give an intensive workshop in Bend, Oregon (see more info and location)


June 27th
Bloom and Zoom Event online with guest host, Sarah Moor, HeartMath Trainer and Coach Speaking about “The Attitude of Gratitude” and how to use our tools to feel more balance and peace in our lives!