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I decided to write this article due to the amazing insights I have been receiving recently. As a Medical Intuitive healer, I read energy as easy as it is to pour a glass of water. To me, it’s illusive and everything stems from a thought, or an idea. So when I have been in my quiet times, I have been asking and listening to the messages coming through that I wanted to share with everyone who has been having challenging times, most recently, in the last few months. Our planets have been so active, and any astrologer would tell you that we are in the most amazing and important times in history! Why?
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Mona-BIO1-WEBMona Delfino is an Energy Medicine Practitioner who has worked on thousands of people across the world. She is a sought after speaker and healer who takes medical intuition to a whole new level! Mona is bilingual in the Sacred Language of the Human Body. She’s an author and Shaman who woke up in consciousness at 6 months old and has been hard at work helping others ever since! Mona’s passion is to be the catalyst for healing and self-empowerment on ALL levels who teaches “the magic of the medicine within.” She is a certified instructor and trainer and with the Institute of HeartMath and a Medicine Woman with the Native American Church of Nemenhah.