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I would venture to say that today, many of us are feeling that time has sped up and most of us can agree there is crazy energy everywhere! However, cutting straight to the chase, changes have to come from within. It means a feeling in the heart, a shake up to the soul, or a recognition that we’ve had enough is the best catalyst. Physically speaking, being “fed up” abides in our adrenal glands, where we have our fight or flight responses. What happens next?
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july-2016-mona-delfino sedona2-oct2016I saw first hand how the Medical profession was non productive to real health. I became a massage therapist in 1991 which turned into the most amazing Medical Intuition and Vibrational Healing. Being trained professionally in sound healing from Dr. Jeffery Thompson, I learned then that sound was predominant in growing cartilage as well as regaining cellular structure back alive in the body. Energy has no boundaries, and we have explored enough to “fine-tune” healing at it’s utmost benefit to each individual. I teach, hold workshops, and hope to promote energy healing in this world as “The Medicine” necessary for ALL forms of healing to occur. Drugs are non-productive for healing, and the body speaks.

My book “The Sacred Language of the Human Body” explains much more. It will cover the Indigenous to the Quantum, explain how the body speaks, and much, much more.