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   Events, Gatherings, Workshops, and Online Interviews to inspire, connect, and clarify the energies moving across the Earth today. Join Mona and others to be present, open and available to energize the new spirit of global cooperation
and healing in your life and our Earth Mother.
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Events, Workshops, and other Musings:    (Check Mona's Calendar)
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 Awaken To Your Soul’s Abundance 21 day Telesummit.  Starts June 2nd - Mona's Interview June 16th

If you are ready to take responsibility for your amazing life while learning to heal and grow on all levels, you’re invited to join me for an incredible interview series as we discuss how to unleash your inner power, and embrace the freedom of living an abundant life at the Awaken to Your Soul’s Abundance telesummit event!

This event is hosted bypersonal transformation and conscious living teacher Marisa Giddings and will include 22 fantastic interviews with leading conscious living and personal empowerment experts.       
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Retreat / Workshop July 10 - 12  | Ojai, CA
Mona is offering ... Energy Mechanics and the Science of Healing the Body.

Wouldn't you love to learn the healing techniques of the ancient mystery schools? Where did they go? We need them today more than ever! The great news is that they have always been with us, but have remained dormant far too long. In this workshop, you will learn how to revive, refine, and supercharge your own healing abilities by tapping into those long forgotten methods and how to help others do the same. The Universe speaks to us and through us in countless ways, one of the most important vehicles being The Sacred Language of The Human Body. Mona has mastered this gift and thrives on sharing her knowledge with others. From novus healer to shaman, she will teach you how to be your own best translator of muscle memory and become bilingual in the energetic reason(s) behind physical conditions. There is nothing else out there today that is being taught quite like this! We are so honored and excited to be offering this event and would truly love your presence. We look forward to welcoming your ascension!  At a location in Ojai, CA

Limited to 12 overnight guests and 4 commuting attendees on a first come first serve basis.

This event will fill quickly!
Pricing is $700 which includes accomodations, meals, and workshop
or $450 for meals and workshop only.
Ojai, CA Retreat  $700 with Accomodation & meals
 $450 with meals only
Tune into your physical body to understand the true messages our bodies are sending us with various pains, sprains, feelings, etc. Everything that happens to the body is a way for Spirit to speak to us. You'll learn what these messages are and how you can de-code these sacred messages!  Register NOW

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  Testimonials of Workshops

Mona, I wanted to write you and tell you how great of a presentation and talk you gave last night!!  Wow! I think you are pretty incredible! You appear to be the very embodiment of spirituality with personality!  I learn watching you talk by what you say; but, also by how you say it.  You have such confidence to just be yourself while having this insight about the game of life.  I wish you would be speaking at each Spiritual Gathering!  You are inspiring and I appreciate that!  Also, I can be shy and reserved in settings like that; so, when you came over and gave me a meant a lot!  ~ with Love and Appreciation...Dell