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Sedona Retreat: August 19-22nd
(If you choose to arrive a day earlier or leave a day later, please contact Mona)
An Opportunity NOT to pass by! COME and join us for a fabulous, unique retreat in the Heart of Beautiful Sedona! In this enticing 4 days retreat, we will learn the “sacred science” of the Spiritual Immune System:

1) HOW to become more empowered to your true identity through understanding our old patterns through emotional, mental and spiritual belief systems.
2) Recognizing what we mean by “Letting Go” of the old and starting into your new self.
3) Learn how to recognize and become immune to the world outside while we are creating our world from the inside out(recognize old patterns and old emotions in order to purge them)!
4) Becoming deeper into the world of Shamanism and ceremony
5) Staying healthy during the times of constant change and transformation

This retreat has too many benefits to mention, as each person will have their own experience into Emergence and Expansiveness. Mornings will be shared by a Medicine Wheel as we start our day. You will learn the art of what each direction signifies and means as it adds to the physical Immune System health and vitality through connection. There will be a special hike to the Shaman’s cave by the owner of our property!

We will have a few very unique and special events and surprises planned as well
Please call Mona at 541-639-1814 for questions.

Cost: $750.00 per person
Transportation: Arrive in Phoenix and call ACE Shuttle which drops you off at our door!!
Room for 10 participants, all meals included.