Private Sessions | Weekend Retreats

servingMona’s ability to read your needs, whether they be emotional, mental, or physical, has been described as “uncanny”. She will tune in to the situation(s) that may have been there since birth, or even from other lives. Blockages in the body come from blockages in the psyche as well as physical. Our ideas of survival came from a decision somewhere in our life, and Mona will read it. These “truths” are significant to your healing and help you to realize these unconscious choices we have made, thereby releasing you from that tie and freeing you into your Self. Many are discovering the absolute necessity of recognition in their lives today as they are ready to make the leap into the freedom within.

If you have a physical session, it is like a massage fully clothed. Mona reads the areas of the body needing your attention. She will go into who, what , when , where, and why to produce relief. Sensations run through the body as it releases. This is typical as energy begets energy. You leave feeling lighter and clearer… ready for your desired way of living. Asking questions, having a conversation as to how you are feeling, etc are part of the package.

A phone conversation is like being touched with a wand as you hear and feel your healing happening right over the phone. This is just as powerful as a hands on session because truth and energy know no bounds. This read will still affect your physical body for the change, or shift, to develop within you.