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Article | A new year, a new you - january 2020

"As we move forward in a changing world, we must remember first and foremost that we are doing this together and are never alone. 

(I call this “tribaling up!”)  

This year will take teamwork, focused direction, and new outlooks on perceptions that are about creativity, accomplishment, and ease. The past is definitely over and many people are realizing that the feeling of “starting over” somewhere in their lives is front and center. The old ideas, direction, etc. have exhausted themselves in these times. As we consciously (or subconsciously) expand our world, the opportunities are coming in fast and furious! The only thing we need to do is listen." 

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Mona Delfino is a teacher, leader and healer, starting with being born Shaman. She has found her passion in seeing people heal from the depths of their soul, being able to assist them through the process with reading their souls energy from lifetimes that have created blockages in their freedom for today’s times. Mona is a National Speaker and a leader in the field of Medical Intuition. She works on individuals through Skype, phone, and hands on sessions. 

The Body Awakens ~ an introduction

Mona's second book, The Body Awakens, is available on Amazon!

Watch this video to learn more.

Read about it here, and you can purchase on Amazon here!

Sound as medicine online course | January 9 - February 20

Sound as medicine: clear blocks and heal illnesses through the power of voice, sound and vibration.

To help the healing for your personal life and success, Mona has decided to teach a 7-week Live video training course with The Shift Network called “Sound as Medicine”.  There are also a few bonuses included when you sign up! 

Beginning January 9th Mona will be live streaming every Thursday at 12pm PST for 2 hours (the last half hour will be dedicated to Q&A). 

Where On earth is mona ~ Event Calendar

Energy Medicine & Body Wisdom Summit | Free, Online -- begins February 3rd, 2020

Energy Medicine and Body Wisdom summit, Mona Delfino and Alison Palmer, begins February 3rd 2020.

Join Mona and 36 other soul-led visionaries in this 13-day Energy Medicine and Body Wisdom Summit!

Here are just a few of the things you'll be discovering during this event:

  • Actions to deepen your connection to your own energy medicine and body wisdom 

  • How you can experience a fuller and deeper life and release the stress and confusion that causes you pain and anxiety 

  • How to reconnect to who you really are and align to healing yourself, the people around you and the Earth 

  • Inspiration, wisdom and deeper understanding about how to work with mindfulness, meditation, intuition, sound-healing, body-mind connection, quantum healing, sacred leadership, ancestral healing, earth energy, essential oils and plant energy and so much more... 

 Get ready to bring your whole authentic self to this series and to open to soul-level connection as we join on this path together. 

Taos Retreat | Taos, NM -- April 3rd - 10th, 2020 | SOLD OUT

Rio Grande Gorge, Taos New Mexico


No more spots are currently available. If you'd like to be added to a cancellation list, please contact Mona.

Become Your Own Shaman

This retreat is designed to teach the concepts of Shamanism. 

We are living in times of change, and learning these techniques with experimental exercises, you will get to know yourself, your  connection to the planet, your spirituality, and mostly, 

your own heart.  

This retreat will help you to become your own Shaman through deeper understanding of “Spirit’s language".

Here is just SOME of the info you will learn and take back with you: 


  • How to read energy, signs and stay in the moment 

  • Increasing our intuition 

  • Crystal healing for ourselves, loved ones, and the Earth 

  • How to read grid lines, lay lines, and sacred places 

  • Going deeper into our Self through more self discovery of expansion.

This will be fun, exciting, and with each day filled with a different adventure. The energy of Taos is perfect for all the above and much, much more. 

Click HERE to read more, and if you have any questions, please contact Mona.

What People Are Saying

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My healing session with Mona provided me with such valuable insight and healing!  She read my energy with pin point accuracy!  She told me of a past life, and that it's energy is still hanging on in this one.  It all made so much sense. She then assisted me in clearing the remaining sadness and loneliness in my heart from this past life, so that I can move forward in this one.  I feel more empowered, and like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and the burden released from my heart.  It's as if I'm able to look at life through a new lens!  

I'm eternally gratefully for Mona. Not only is she delightful and vibrant, she's amazing in her abilities, and thankfully shares them with the world.  I would recommend to anyone who can't make sense of an emotion, or figure out where it stems from, to book a session with Mona.  The insight will be priceless and the healing will be measurable!! 

~ Kim Boguszewski, Milwaukee, June 2019

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  My name is Michelle Oleson. My husband, John, and I met Mona Delfino about 20 years ago at the advice of my boss. I was suffering from a lot of pain from a hysterectomy that the doctors could not explain or do anything about. We made an appointment with Mona and she identified the source of the pain and worked me energetically through the pain. She saved my life as I could not stand the pain anymore.

The next year, my husband had to have open heart surgery for a growth on his aorta valve and a hole between the chambers of his heart. Mona worked energetically before and after the surgery with him and he had no pain or problems from the open-heart surgery. He recovered very quickly and hasn't had any problems with his heart since.

Eight years ago, John started coming down with Parkinson's-like symptoms, Diabetes, neorophy in the hands and feet. Mona has worked with him and accompanied us to Mexico several times to run energy on john before, during, and after the stem cell therapy. The results have been remarkable. He is so much better than he was eight years ago.

We highly recommend the services of Mona Delfino. You will never meet anyone who is so powerful and so spiritually connected to Jesus and god. Mona is definitely one of a kind.

~Michelle and Johnny Oleson, Gleneden Beach, Oregon - July 2019

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