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Mona’s ability to read your needs, whether they be emotional, mental, or physical, has been described as “uncanny”. She will tune in to the situation(s) that may have been there since birth, or even from other lives. Blockages in the body come from blockages in the psyche as well as physical. Our ideas of survival came from a decision somewhere in our life, and Mona will read it.

These “truths” are significant to your healing and help you to realize these unconscious choices we have made, thereby releasing you from that tie and freeing you into your Self. Many are discovering the absolute necessity of recognition in their lives today as they are ready to make the leap into the freedom within.

Finding the Power to Heal

Mona Delfino is a teacher, leader and healer, starting with being born Shaman. She has found her passion in seeing people heal from the depths of their soul, being able to assist them through the process with reading their souls energy from lifetimes that have created blockages in their freedom for today’s times. Mona is a National Speaker and a leader in the field of Medical Intuition. She works on individuals through Skype, phone, and hands on sessions.

What Happy Clients Say

Fifteen years ago I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and GERD, a painful acid condition in my stomach. Over the years I actually got an ulcer on my esophagus from acid coming up from my stomach at night as I slept on my side, it just sat there and ate a hole in the tissue. This made it very difficult and painful to eat. Over time scar tissue developed and it became a stricture that would close up and prevent food from descending, actually going into retroperistalsis sending the food back up. I would have to drink water to get it to go back down and push (painful!) thru the stricture so it could go into the stomach. This went on for the last 15 years and nothing I did or any change of diet that I tried helped or relieved the issue.

One energy session with Mona and everything was GONE!!! Two days ago I ate pizza and there was not only no acid but I didn’t need to drink anything to get it to go down properly!! I can eat anything now and everything works like it did when I was in my 20s!!! The stricture is totally gone! The acid reflux is totally gone!! The hiatal hernia is gone!!! I am finally free to eat like a normal person!!

Tears of gratitude to Mona!!


That was incredible!!! I blew “Love” into my ball and when I put into my heart, I heard a lot of angelic voices say aloud “love love love love” over and over. It was the most AMAZING feeling! Thank you Mona!!*

Karen NYC

Mona is AMAZING! She removed all those racy worry thoughts with her magical ways. Something keeps coming up for me which I know has come up for me to connect with others with a different strategy other than struggle. I LOVE Mona.

Hilary NY

My niece sent me an email with your web site. It is so delightful to see your gift is helping so many people. I immediately did some chaka balancing, that I had not done for some time. I had open heart surgery in Dec. 2006, and since then, life has been a challenge. Your special gifts, have awaked new possibilities to me.

Thank you for Sacred Reconnections. Your hope for the world, and understanding the changes taking place within,are timely inspirational.


Mona is truly amazing. She has helped me through a very difficult time in my life. Her energy healing really works wonders. I am a life-long fan, and not just because she is Sicilian!


Mona. What can I say. She is my angel. I thank Julia every day for finding her for me. I have lived with chronic pain for many years. I thought this was my life. I was wrong. Thank God. I’m almost pain free. There are many days I’m pain free. At first I wondered how long it would last. I don’t think about that any more.Why not? I know this is just getting better every day. I thought it was my body that was in pain but I found it was my soul that was in pain. I’m crying because I’ve found someone that can find that pain and help me release it. I tell everyone I meet about Mona and her miracles. For Christmas I took a chance and bought Gift Certs for my children. I didn’t realize that my children were in so much pain. This has brought an already close friend, even closer. The gratitude that I have for Mona in my life is overwhelming and brings me to tears. She will always be in my prayers.

Susan Bend, OR

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