In Memoriam

Mona Delfino

Shaman / Energy Medicine Practitioner / Quantum Healer
Mona Delfino was a speaker, author, and world-renowned Energy Medicine Practitioner of 40+ years. Born a Shaman, she learned her calling and began helping people and animals heal from a very early age. Mona was well-versed in Spirituality and Quantum Healing, teaching the Art of Alchemy: as within, so without. She had an extensive background of reading her clients from afar as well as seeing them in person; Energy has no bounds. Her effective and deliberate work helped heal thousands over the years, as well as working for the Earth. When feeling called, she responded and performed ceremonies to release memory from gridlines throughout the world for energetic cleansing.

Mona transitioned from this life surrounded by her loving children and grandchildren in January of 2022. She will be deeply missed, though her teachings live on in her books and videos.
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Kind Words

  • Mona really has a gift, and really is a gift.

    Trinity Thomas

  • Mona has a unique ability to use her heart and soul to share things she's learned on her journey.

    Zahra Sajan Horn

  • Mona has really profound intuition and insights.

    Marzia Aldrighetti

  • Thank you every so much Mona ... I’ve had a lovely transition since our healing session. Much lighter and speaking with greater ease cuz the mind IS quiet. May the Blessings Be & Continue.


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