A Letter Of Change

Hello my lovely clients, friends and colleagues! 

As you well know, everyone is experiencing transitions. Since the past is over, we are approaching this New Wave and getting “Clarion Calls” from Spirit that a new time has risen to the occasion in our world. As horrific as it is, there are some wonderful changes as well. 

For example, new technologies are being produced in labs working with energy medicine, frequencies, and vibrations. Soon we will have vials of energy medicine for specific diseases and immune disorders in order to reverse the process for people to heal! This is what the energy I have run for people has done for many. Once we know the cause we can take care of the effect! 

I have been in this chosen healing profession for 42 years doing healing sessions on clients every day with some weekends off.

Now the time has come, along with many changes happening all over the world and within each of us, that I am no longer doing physical healing sessions.  HOWEVER, with that said, I have a new role that will bring more people alive to learning!! I AM TEACHING YOU HOW TO DO YOUR OWN HEALING , and this will be for individuals and groups as of October 1st 2021. 
This new website will have easy links to add yourself to weekly youtubes, zoom meetings, and streaming for everyone!

I am very excited about heading into this role. I must thank the Shift Network for getting me out in the world to teach and for the world who is learning.

Down the road, it’s trailblazers scientists and light workers who will set the stage for our future healing modalities! Yes, science is catching on! By their measurements when testing people who run energy, they are flabbergasted by the results of movement. If one person does it, so can another, and another…. 

The love of knowing that energy is free if understood, then we could all benefit from this empowering experience of knowing how and why we get ill in the first place! 

Please watch my event calendar, and also if you want to learn more individually, sign up for my Energy Medicine 1 course and even get a certification by doing 3 classes once a week for 3 weeks.

Thank you so much everyone for all of the years of connection and truth! Now may we move forward with confidence, inquisitive behavior, and excitement for a future filled with undying knowledge.     

Medical Intuitive Healer/ Author/ Shaman/ Teacher

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