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Mona Delfino is a speaker, author, and world-renowned Energy Medicine Practitioner of 40 years. Born a Shaman, she learned her calling and began helping people and animals heal from a very early age. Mona is well-versed in Spirituality and Quantum Healing, teaching the Art of Alchemy: as within, so without. She has an extensive background of reading her clients from afar as well as seeing them in person; Energy has no bounds. Her effective and deliberate work has helped heal thousands over the years, as well as working for the Earth. When feeling called, she responds and does ceremony to release memory from gridlines throughout the world for energetic cleansing.
Mona is an accomplished, accredited metaphysician and extraordinary healer. She has a truly remarkable track record of healing abilities including multidimensional chakric balancing, cleansing, and alignment. This is intuitively utilized in her sessions to clear negative attachments, untoward obstacles, and blockages from present, as well as past lives, to enhance Auric vibrancy, clarity, and health of body, mind, and spirit. She is able to put an understanding to the "big picture" through reading the energy of humanity through astrological patterns as well as inside each individual. She continually teaches the Sacred Language of the Human Body. She even wrote the book on it!

Mona offers individual healing sessions that are done over Skype, Zoom, or the phone. She also holds spiritual retreats that are timely and relevant for all who attend. Current topics include the Spiritual Immune System, the Energetic Membrane, and the Sacred Language of the Human Body.

The Body Awakens

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We are living in a world where chaos seems to rule the planet, where illness is on the rise, and where people wonder if there will be any good outcomes? We can choose to patiently wait, living our lives one day at a time in hopes that the world will change, OR we can participate through how the Shaman see change: living the connection of life within each of us. 

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The Sacred Language of the Human Body

We have to open our minds and live by our experience in order to achieve our potential, and to truly heal. If you are ready to explore and participate in your healing, then read on and you will be guided to find the way. Bernie Siegel, MD, author of A Book of Miracles and Faith, Hope & Healing Humanity is experiencing a shift in consciousness today that is expanding for the betterment of the entire Earth community. 

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