Releasing False Responsibility

Ever since we were children living with our parents, siblings and others, we became engrained in our environment. We began to believe that what we saw, heard, and witnessed was the reality that was created before us…leaving us to believe that this is how life is! Living in circumstances as little kids makes us tend to become more like our parents than we can imagine. 

Actually, even though we survived in that paradigm, the truth is, you have always been unique and NOT exactly like your family, no matter what anyone told you. Through the years in all of the work I’ve done (and do), connecting to the energy of each person (as a Medical Intuitive healer) helps clients to see the truth about why they feel stuck, or learn the cause of the illness they have… the effect.

In this brief article, I will share the most important perception and observation to date within humanity, and that is: false responsibility is the culprit for why we get tangled in belief systems that do not adhere to our soul. We simply cannot align to our spirits purpose if we are entangled in patterns due to old paradigms and beliefs from other sources. 

For years we were taught to obey or else. We felt that way as we entered school, and just wanted to be good people. However, these deep associated beliefs are standing in the way of our freedom to feel, think, prosper, etc. They have created patterns that seem to keep us in a type of matrix, which is in itself, false. Beliefs are thought forms and ideas. How can we actually manifest to the best of our ability without effort? How can we move forward if we feel we are carrying the weight of belief systems that do not work for us? Whether we are spiritual, religious, or agnostic, we all feel, breathe, bleed and live! What creates unity is all different perspectives, but also, similar needs and desires that are magnified when we find groups or people who we resonate with and admire. Family comes in all forms!

False Responsibilities can be very subconscious, depending on you! I have seen and worked with hundreds of people, specifically more recently, who are wearing their insecurities on their sleeves, so to speak. This group is ready to release these hidden controlling ways, but they just don’t know it consciously. For most of us, familiarity is a ticket to make us believe that we’re safe. In the end, the adrenals suffer the consequences due to a fight or flight response to what is uncomfortable or challenging. However, that is most likely, the ego persona at work, trying to protect what seems foreign or unrealistic. Change means threat to some, but actually it is truly freedom. If we can see that the challenges are there to help us expand, and to become better balanced, it will not be as hard to accept and allow them.

Emotions from the past hang on, and therefore add to this false pattern of safety. Truthfully, there is no such thing. We create our reality, and safety is an illusion! You CREATE a way of living when you are balanced. That is what becomes your reality, not ideas that may or may not seem to have meaning to you. It’s when we engage in desires, not just have them in our mind, that allows our hearts to thrive… the heart LOVES change! That is actually how the blood keeps clean and cells die off. Also, when we breathe, which is constant, new oxygen is circulated through the system. This is what will shift the physical changes when we bring in and engage those desires. It’s the oxygen that contributes to the blood, bringing in health. The only reason we may not heal is because we don’t change false responsible behavior patterns. Allowing freedom to be your priority for living in the moment, will bring a manifested action and reaction!

Our recent Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse was saying that we must feel the new unconditional allowance within to create a new world, inside and out. Not about safety or limitations, but about the possibilities that are opportunities… Changing our life from the inside out magnifies healing in a world that is going through major shifts. If we rise to this knowledge and allowance, we will all be healing the world!! 

And so it is!! Many Blessings~   Mona


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This is a time of recognition and reconciliation of our own spirit. A time when our human awareness is poised to experience a more fulfilling connection to the greater universe as we journey back to who we really are. Oneness within ourselves guides and produces oneness in our world. This is how true health is created.  

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