August 1 2021

Being a Child at Heart

Welcome to the month of July! I hope you’re all staying cool, as here on the West Coast we are having unusually high temperatures! Speaking of the West Coast, I was recently in San Diego, California for a business trip. I was invited to be tested on my healing (energy) abilities at the Psy-Tek lab in
Encinitas. It was a total success – so much so, I am going back to visit them again in August to help them understand a few more tidbits of information on how energy work occurs from my standpoint. In one of the tests—of which there were 15 total—I was amazed to have an experience totally downloaded from Spirit around changing the PH of water. I have been teaching how to change the molecular structure through energy for years, however, in this test, something happened...The doctor had a glass of water on the desk that was sitting out for 24 hours. They say that is the best way to get a clear reading on the PH. As we were preparing to change it, I had asked them where they got the water. Normally I would not have asked that question, and it’s a good thing I did. They told me it was from Lake Arrowhead. Then, they had me put my hands around the glass and run energy to shift the water. Something happened just then… I felt the energy backfiring back into my hands instead of into the water! When that happens, which is rare, it usually means there
is a reason why I cannot penetrate through it. For example, if someone is getting ready to die, they may not take any more energy. This felt the same way. I closed my eyes and tuned in. The message was clear: Lake Arrowhead is a resort area where families come to play, boats speed on the water, and people enjoy their time there. IF I were to change the water in this glass, due to the frequency, I would have to change the entire lake! If I was working on tap water, the PH would go from 6.5 to possibly 10. But not Lake Arrowhead!

To my surprise, Spirit made it clear that the ONLY ones who can shift this vibration are the children! I saw an image of kids playing in the water, jumping in, splashing, having a wonderful time with no fear, no worries – just fun! When I explained this to the doctor, he was shocked and didn’t understand at first, but then it made sense to him. It occurred to me that in the bible, Jesus says, “unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matt. 18:3). Think about that! Heaven is on Earth if our vibrations shift to balance, clarity, freedom of
old attached memories, and mostly love through compassion. This literally opens a flow within our heart, our blood, that presents a peace in which the body can heal. It’s science.

Since this was the vision that came to me, I accepted it wholeheartedly without question that this is a bigger plan! What I then realized, in a moment of truth and wisdom, was that the Earth herself is changing and aligning to new frequencies like we ALL are! It’s now obvious that the heart of a child is what the Earth accepts as a conduit for the shifting of old energies to bring in the “New Earth.” I came home from this amazing experience feeling very proud and accomplished that all the tests were passed with flying colors, and that this one was a lesson for me to get the word out to the human race! We are now facing too much chaos in this world as it goes through rebirthing. Many old patterns of control through the “powers to be” are coming back as laws are being passed without the consent of the collective, and people are feeling a bit out of control instead of honing in on the Universe's way of teaching us to rise to a new awareness (frequency).
This scares people to change. They thought they had it down, yet they get insecure and angry when a change is on the horizon.

When the old ways collapse and a crack in the system occurs, we need to open up a new avenue to see clearer, to make better choices, and hopefully NOT repeat our past mistakes! This is pretty heavy, but here’s my answer for a new day: start playing again. In stressful times, get a coloring book and create! Take a new class – one that you always wanted to do but never did. Laugh with family and friends rather than making a serious condition feel harsh. We always have choices! And just think, if we can “lighten up” within, so will the world around us. THEN we can become the child at heart and accept people better, eat good food and make it taste better, lower the blood pressure by not holding on to circumstances that are no longer occurring, etc. Children love better than adults. They support their mom and dad, and sometimes, no matter what or why! They don’t hold on to pain the same way, as they are young and looking for new experiences to make themselves happy. Climbing a tree, singing a song, getting excited to go for car rides, petting their dog or cat –
simplicity at its finest!
Let’s be more like children and learn that play is just as important as work!
Laughing out loud rather than thinking someone will think you’re not good enough; it’s time. The Earth is ready for all of us to transmute the past into a loving and fun adventure for our future. It just takes our agreement and action. Here’s to Summer: a good time to enjoy our “new” world within and without!!

All my love to everyone!

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