August 1 2021

Empowerment Through Choice Points

After just going through a full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, 12 solar flares, Mercury in retrograde, Saturn retrograde, and Uranus coming around the bend to outrun Saturn, all I can say is “phew!!” Some see these massive universal changes as hard and heavy, and others find them refreshing as they move forward in their lives! Vibration and frequency are triggered for these times because the gravitational pulls and the Schumann
frequencies around the globe are all affected. No one is left out! However, we are all capable and responsible for the perceptions we are undertaking
during these radical times.

Retrogrades are all about introspection. Saturn is the planet of structure, so now we must decide if the past ways have worked for us. Structure includes belief systems, opinions, ways of seeing ourselves and the world, etc. Mercury is all about communication. So retrograde, it can cause many upheavals around computers, electronics, cars, missed appointments, and miscommunication. Retrograde cycles
can also be very healing! To make decisions about how you communicate with people, loved ones, and basically how you view your life can change at the drop of a hat!

We are at a time of “choice point.” How we see and feel about ourselves now matters more than you can imagine. We are changing the signature of our
existence! So, are all of the universal movements occurring now just a coincidence? I think not. The way we have interpreted life in general comes from belief systems dating back to our past lives. That’s why we are here! Coming back to a world that is absent of the love that was always intended has brought us back time and time again to experience change, see differently, look at a child and laugh… remembering the way we were taught and brought up! Kids today are absolutely the best! They are confident, determined, pretty sure of themselves, and funny! They naturally know
laughter without holding back for any reason. Ahhh, to be goofy and not care what others think. What a gift in itself! The planets were always cycling and circling in our past lives too, so to understand and respect the Universe is number one in my book! Learning the language of the
body has always had me intrigued with the language of the Universe. They go hand in hand, and yes, we are all born with an astrology chart that helps guide us! We are never alone.

It would be helpful in this time of crucial choice points to re-evaluate and redetermine your worth, your deep and unending love, and see life through the eyes of wisdom! By releasing old memories, we make room for new starts, new beginnings, and fabulous feelings! The past is the past, and the now is the now! You can also go back and recognize that the experiences you went through were unfair, unjust, etc. What about what it taught you? The way you are today, the place you are in today, and maybe wouldn’t have been if it wasn’t for that challenging experience! New perceptions are the key to understanding. The frequency of love comes alive when we let go and become the souls we were always meant to be. Trusting in yourself now is the foundation for new awareness. If we have felt that others had to support us in order to feel loved or worthy, now is the time to remember that loving yourself IS support! In the body, the low back and the knees are the physical places that consider these emotions and will begin to ache when
we still believe that others “have to love us” the way we expected. Bring yourself into the love you ARE, and the body will respect the truth!
May we learn together as we open our hearts to the magnificence of the universe, remembering we are that wisdom, and truth will always set us free!
May June bring you all the highest of frequencies and vibrations!


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