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Current Events and the Physical Body

Mona will teach each class for 1 hour with a half hour Q&A. Upon purchase you'll receive a zoom link with registration details and a calendar invite for all four classes. Classes will be recorded and shared with participants after the classes. 
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Listening to your Intuition

October 8th - 12PM
So often we hear a little voice in the back of our minds and tend to ignore that, unless it grabs us and really makes its presence known! This class will teach you about your oneness with your higher Self, the subconscious, and the TRUE you that is waiting to be heard. In these times, it is very important to pay attention to that voice and become an active participant. Join Mona as she will direct and teach the ways that Spirit talks through you and to you.

Quantum Healing & your Power

October 15th -12PM 
Have you ever wondered how you can actually heal yourself, or are we still in the idea that someone else has to do it? In this wonderful, eye opening class, you will learn how quantum healing actually works, helping with the understanding that you are the best healer of your world! This form of healing is fast, precise, and clear with intention. Join us for a truly inspirational education of who you actually are and the abilities that you have!

Conditional to Unconditional

October 22nd - 12PM
All illness is a form of conditional thinking. It is how we are raised, what we feel is real or not, and coincides with conditional beliefs. In this class, Mona will guide you to the understanding of how to free up from the past, create a new way of living, and ultimately lead you into the freedom of the Unconditional aspects of life! This in turn will release the old emotional hold on you and open you up to new awarenesses that are based in compassion.

Mona's tools for Shifting ailments in the body through Energy Medicine

October 29th - 12PM
You won't want to miss this one! Here we will discuss the tools that are best for the connection of your health to meld back within the body. These are topical solutions, easy home remedies, and most important, a new way to instill your own intention into the part of the body that requires attention. Mona will give you ways to detox, easy and simple. How to do a liver cleanse, etc. Most of these cures are based in energy medicine that you create to be just for YOU!
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