August 1 2021

The Power of Speaking Up

So many of us are experiencing new ways of speaking, acting, and becoming. Recently, I had a friend tell me that she was noticing how many peers were going through “crazy” times. Not only were these people being inundated with stress, but their thinking was also being compromised! They were not acting like themselves because they felt overloaded with the situations going on around them… personal and global. I asked her how she was handling this because with this kind of “environment” it could get tricky. She said she could not help but take on their feelings, and that in turn made her feel as though she wasn’t in charge of her life; the stress was building up in her body just being around it. She wasn’t making clear choices, she was running behind in her schedules, and becoming irritated at drivers, store clerks, and her spouse when, before, she wouldn’t have acted that way.

This seems to be a theme of quite a few people, recently. Feeling they don’t have balance in their lives is disturbing and somehow making them feel as though they “owe” people on some level, and to just accept their “out of balance” behavior. If you can identify with any of this, here is my take on it. Challenges are happening to help us make better decisions, but not decisions to enable others. Our strength comes from truth. If we have the courage to speak up when we know we feel something, we are honoring our soul.
First and foremost, be kind to yourself and compassionate when others seem out of balance. It’s best to recognize behavior so we don’t take it personally, which helps with not feeling the urge to lash out. This will also help us be more patient and less defensive, which means we don’t become part of the problem. As a matter of fact, by staying in our center, we have the power to create new circumstances. Living more authentically helps us remain calm and not take on the transference effect that happens very easily these days!

The energy around us is strengthening to help us see, learn, listen, and make better choices from these new directions. Astrology definitely plays a part in this energetic intensity, not to mention the intensity of the solar flares! Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune are all retrograde until around October! Any retrograde goes deep within our psyche. It’s different for
everyone, but definitely the same for us when it comes to feeling change coming in.

We may be questioning where we live and wonder if moving or changing our living situation would be good. We might even be questioning if we are in the right job. This can feel confusing and make us feel a bit stuck. But it’s just the opposite...Actually, any change requires looking at all possibilities before we take the plunge. Saturn is about structure. In retrograde, we can be re-thinking that. Pluto is dynamic and is about rebirth, shadow, regeneration, and sometimes even destruction. In retrograde, we may be drawn to a strong sense of deeper meaning. Jupiter is huge with expansion. In retrograde, we are meant to sit down and consider new possibilities. And with Neptune, well, she is all about emotion but not
tied to anything earthly. Retrograde Neptune may simply have us feeling
ungrounded or uncertain of anything regarding our future.

The theme here is not to tie yourself to others' drama! Make your own decisions that help align you to your own power, and don’t forget: love is the strongest of anything mentioned above! Rose quartz, fluorite, tourmaline, amber, and chrysocolla are beautiful stones that help with support during these times we face. We are walking together into a new world, even though separation seems strong in the 3D world. I send you all my love and appreciation for being a part of this marvelous adventure, and always know you are definitely supported by higher vibes and energies from this world and the next!!

Be blessed,

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The Power of Speaking Up

So many of us are experiencing new ways of speaking, acting, and becoming. Recently, I had a friend tell me that she was noticing how many peers were going through “crazy” times.

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