Webinar Replay: Healing Through Our Energetic Membrane
Cost: $10.00

Do you want to know more about energy and how it works in healing?

Are you curious about how science plays a part in this?

Spirit and science come together for this wonderful webinar I taught.

In this hour-long audio, you will learn:

  • How to understand energetic components related to healing
  • How to see images through imagination to work for local and long-distance healing
  • How Quantum Healing works
  • How you can recognize the sensations of that shift in yourself and others


Connecting to the Divine Retreat

We will learn to:

A. Identify the truth of your soul, meaning of purpose, life and lessons.
B. Connection and explanation of the heart: guided meditations
C. Group participation throughout, as well as breaking into separate groups for exercises.

The soul purpose of this retreat is to clear old patterns, create new open awareness for manifesting to be front and center, feel oneness within yourself with Self Empowerment, and re~adjust the body’s biology through cellular connection….( in other words, teach you about how to shift the patterns to create true health)

What to bring:
Comfortable clothing, (loose fitting preferably) tape recorder, notepad, journal, tennis shoes or good shoes for outdoor activity, and your open mind.

Cost: $900.00 per person. Does not include transportation, or dining out. Healthy meals will be provided.

Dates: August 25-28th