Please enjoy these interviews as there will be more added in the near future.

Q&A – Decoding Your Spiritual Immune System: Empowerment through Spiritual Immunization


Soul Talk with Patty Malek – September, 2016



Soul Talk with Patty Malek – December, 2016



Decoding Your Spiritual Immune System: Empowerment Through Spiritual Immunization – October 13, 2016



Rising Stars with Miriam Knight

Acoustic Health: Season 8 – Episode 46: Empower Yourself, Empower our World


Life In The Hologram – January 2016

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Mona’s Latest Interview with Jewels on Law of Attraction Radio – October

Jewels brings the leading edge speakers, practitioners, and spiritually energized people into your life through her highly successful internet radio show Law of Attraction Radio.

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Awaken To Your Soul’s Abundance

Marisa Giddings will be interviewing incredible experts (including Mona) who have helped thousands of people in the areas of personal empowerment and conscious living.

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Hundredth Monkey Radio Interview – January 25/2015

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Pam Drinnon Interviews Mona

pamdrinnonJoin this Cosmic Interviewer, Pam Drinnon, as converses with Mona about the hot topics on Health, spirituallity and the state of our world. July 27th, 2015 Click and Listen



Global Coherence Initiative Steering Committee

what-is-collective-coherence-webinarJoin Global Coherence Initiative Steering Committee members Howard Martin and Deborah Rozman as they explore the science of collective coherence.
In addition to explaining the science of collective coherence, Rozman and Martin will offer a technique to help raise your personal vibratory rate, and accelerate coherence in our global community. Mona is now a HeartMath trainer, bringing her intuitive skills to an even wider audience.
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Interview with Lauren Galey

laurenGaleySolar Initiation for Self-Empowerment which includes a Guided Meditation on the Solar Plexus for Personal Empowerment. This is a powerful LIVE call discussing listening to our bodies and understand our lessons to be learned. Click and listen



October 23rd – Dr. Bernie Siegal’s Online Interview

Bernie SiegalDr. Bernie Siegel shares his lifelong work and new book “The Art of Healing” in this Healing Conversation that shows how pictures can help us diagnose illness and help us heal. Also featuring Mona Delfino, author of The Sacred Language of the Human Body.
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