Nemenha Ito
“We believe in the Wisdom of the Creator. This wisdom, along with the gifts of our culture, our customs, our traditions and our beliefs, as they are expressed in the sacred utterances and performances of the Sacred Sahaptan Healing Way, are gifts given to us by the Creator, through Wyaykihn, and they can neither be given nor taken away by other persons, peoples, nations or governments…” 3rd Expression
– Nemenhah Constitution, 2014.

Nirmal Yogi
Ayurveda Yogi Practitioner in Sedona

Doug Cristafir:
Artist/Web Designer –
12 Mandala Genesis Series – Mandalas

Astrologer –

Rollin McCraty, Ph.D. The Science Behind the HeartMath System Exploring the role of the heart in human performance. “The physical heart has extensive afferent connections to the brain and can modulate perception and emotional experience.” Science Of The Heart – Vol.2