Becoming Our New Selves – July

Transforming Old Patterns to Become THE NEW YOU!

I am so honored and happy about hosting this retreat for everyone who is wanting to move forward in their lives, and feel the changes happening with ease and grace. We are in new times. To become our “new” selves, we must be conscious of our ability to see with new eyes, develop keen senses that are within us, and know that you always have a choice to create what ever it is you really desire! No more do we live in times where we are victims to our illnesses, or even to situations that no longer serve us. These are times of liberation, freedom, and choice.

Please join us for this special retreat at the Mandala Center.

The Mandala Center is located 35 miles east of Raton, NM on US highway 87/64 right after mile marker 383 coming east or 384 coming west from Clayton NM.

What to bring:

Comfortable clothing, (loose fitting preferably) tape recorder, notepad, journal, tennis shoes or good shoes for outdoor activity, and your open mind.

Cost: $500.00 per person. Does not include transportation, or dining out.

Dates: July 6th–8th, 2018

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