Soul Connections

During this year long journey to connect with your soul desires Mona will help you work on your life purpose with monthly connections to the differing aspects of the inner work to reach your soul desires and purpose. Each month, Mona will delve into different aspects of ways to connect with your soul. Mona will help you to also connect deeply with your feminine power and create a stronger sense of self and creating a lightness of being.

Take this year long journey with Mona as she facilitates your Soul Connections.

This offer includes 12 months of:

  • Once Monthly healing calls (Typically the Third Friday of the Month)
  • Twice Monthly Special Goodies from Mona
  • Private Facebook Group With Mona

… and so much more!

The Soul Connection Schedule includes:

  1. January

    Topic: Super Blue Blood Moon Energies and YOU!

    Description: Do you wonder what the second huge Full Moon (a blue moon), PLUS an eclipse (blood moon) in January might be telling us?? Tune in on this call and find out! You won’t want to miss this one.

    Call: January 31st at 4:30pm PT

  2. February

    Topic: Love

    Description: Loving yourself and others. How to manifest more love in your life. This is of utmost importance for 2018. We are all hearing the “Clarion Call” for becoming deeper and more loving this year, however it must start with the individual. A call not to be missed….

    Call: February 23rd at 4:30pm PT

  3. March

    Topic: Luck

    Description: Creating the life and luck you desire by creating opportunities for successful living? How does personal manifestation work, and what does “LUCK” actually mean? How can we all have that? It’s all in the way we see our “perception of ourselves.” Again, this is an inside job! 🙂

    Call: March 23rd at 4:30pm PT

  4. April  

    Topic: Cosmic Rebirth  

    Description: Open to yourself and rebirth your connection to yourself from an understanding of how we are being recognized by the Universe! Our relationship to our spiritual essence is called “alignment” of the soul. We will discuss what this means and have fun with a real connection!!

    Call: April 20th at 4:30pm PT

  5. May

    Topic: Cellular Regeneration/Soul Memories

    Description: Memories are the reason we stay stuck. The past is over, and if we can see that it was only a lesson learned in ANY format of choice to experience, we will have better understanding that we are NOT victims in a world where things seem so unstable…

    Call: May 18th at 4:30pm PT

  6. June

    Topic: Family Bloodlines and DNA

    Description: Most people do not even recognize that we are capable of changing the energy of our bloodline. In this call, we will discuss “HOW” and “WHY” we were born to the families we have, even if we feel like we were dropped in by a stork! This call will enlighten the meaning of that, PLUS give us more power to create the REAL you that your soul understands, appreciates and is passionate about!

    Call: June 22nd at 4:30pm PT

  7. July

    Topic: Karmic Relationships

    Description: Over our souls history, we had a karmic life in order to understand, not judge, anyone for any reason. Instead we came here to learn, listen and love. It’s that simple… or is it?? Tune in with this discussion that will rattle your senses and see that karma is actually only a thing of the past!!

    Call: July 20th at 4:30pm PT

  8. August

    Topic: The Meaning of Dreaming

    Description: Have you ever wondered why some nights you dream heavy, and other times not at all? Have you had recurring dreams, prophetic dreams, or even scary dreams?? We will cover reasons, timing and how to ask for more enlightened info in dreamstime.

    Call: August 17th at 4:30pm PT

  9. September

    Topic: Crystal Clarity and Healing

    Description: I will teach here about the truth of crystals, where the magnification of their energy comes from, which ones are good for certain ailments, etc. Most importantly, this will teach YOU how to work with them personally or in your healing work with others. Fun and informative!!

    Call: September 21st at 4:30pm PT

  10. October

    Topic: Hidden Fears/Shadow Self

    Description: The shadow self is not a welcomed piece of ourselves usually because many people only want to see the positive and not have anything to do with “the other part.” The truth is, the dark cannot live without the light and visa versa. Therefore, this will help teach the NO FEAR aspect when it comes to seeing more of yourself and then realize the reasons in order to shift, not ignore. A really good call for everyone to participate in!!

    Call: October 19th at 4:30pm PT

  11. November

    Topic: Thankfulness

    Description: I am a HEARTMATH trainer and mentor, certified by the Institute of HeartMath in Boulder Creek, California. Here we will discuss the meaning of gratitude, the energetic cause and effect of how it works and how it raises our vibration to become “light hearted” in any situation… to be able to “find” meaning in situations through gratitude.

    Call: November 16th at 4:30pm PT

  12. December

    Topic: Opening to Your Higher Self: Year End Wrap Up: 2 hour call

    Description: We will close out our year by looking back into these calls and have a smorgasbord of Celebrations!! This will be a Q&A for you to be able to ask any question that has come up over this year that you would like personal quality with. A HUGE thank you to all — and a sneak preview into 2019!!

    Call: December 21st at 4:30pm PT

*Replays will be made available after each call

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