Decoding Your Spiritual Immune System

Decoding Your Spiritual Immune System is 13 modules of audio that inform a person of why the Auto Immune System becomes effected and deficient from stress and patterns that have created too much of an energetic hold. Read on and discover the keys of unlocking old mysteries that have always been designed as a language…As Above, So Below.

Introduction (3:13)

Mona has the ability to read cellular memory and what she does is distinguished from others as it is much different than what anyone has ever experienced. She works at the cellular quantum level in a way that has never been experienced, that removes any blocks from all aspects of your life. We are able to tap into the cause in order to reach an effect that is changeable within a quantum moment. Recognition to the cause will change the effect immediately considering that the person wants to heal.

Module 1 – Identify & Define the Physical Immune System

Here Mona offers the chance to dive in deep to who you are and why experiencing what you are currently manifesting. What are you holding that you need and what are you holding that is pulling you down.

Module 2a – Immune Intelligence, Responsible Living & Patterns of Recognition (33:08)

Why is immune intelligence not taught to everyone? Why is this so important for you to know now, to put into motion for the rest of your life. How can you become more effective to help yourself and others, as you accelerate your life’s purpose. What are patterns you need to highlight and what are the patterns that drive you into the ground? Let’s recognize those for the last time and get rid of them once and for all.

Module 2b – Subconscious Programming to Conscious Awareness (21:01)

In this module, Mona shows you the key secret to reclaiming your spiritual life by waking up into the present!

Module 3 – We Are The Medicine Within (3:20)

Need we say more? As a lifelong shaman, Mona shows you the way to your inner shaman. What is medicine really? What is the power of your own medicine. How can you heal yourself without knowing this? With this one teaching you can change your life forever and see the nature of your creation!

Module 4 – Auto-Immune Conditions: Energetic to Physical (40:13)

This is the most prominent teaching that can take you from an earthly experience to a divine life – “as above, so below…as within, so without”. Now that you can move your energy, where do you want to go? You can be a super-human being resisting all of the modern day diseases that affect our consciousness and our physical beings so you can be at the highest service your soul demands.

Module 5 – The Science Behind Healing (27:52)

Let’s talk some of the history of energetic healing and the future of what is possible. How to recognize energy transference. How to see behind the veil. How to see anyone’s healing path and remove those blocks that we show you are present, by being the observer. The science to this on lesson is simply profound.

Module 6 – How to Navigate Yourself With Healthy Measures (19:42)

What are healthy measures? Why are they important? Let’s learn together how to use them on a daily basis to offer our best version of ourselves. Health secrets and your best day to day wisdom is the gift of longevity on a biological and cellular basis as we claim our eternal self. We talk about self trust and where we got the original idea we are not good enough. Becoming immune to negative influences will light you up.

Module 7 – Dreaming: How It Affects Your Spiritual Immune System (36:18)

As a Nemenhah Medicine Woman, Mona loves to demonstrate how our dream state influences our daily living and our first line of defense, our Spiritual Immune System. With this one teaching alone, you will feel like a superhero in today’s world.

Module 8 – Understanding Your Emotional Body (22:20)

This one is the ticket to your liberation. Liberation from the emotional bondage, the emotional baggage and the emotional chain reaction that keeps you from being you. You need to know that you are holding emotions you think are yours. They are not yours. You have never seen or felt the potential of yourself as free as you can be.

Module 9 – The Hero’s Journey: Resistance to Resilience (24:58)

We are never at an arrival point. We are never at our destination. We are better at co creating in the moment the instant we get out of our abyss and into our true soul’s purpose of igniting our spirit with truth, love and energy to burn away any of those resistant patterns to create a true Hero’s Journey for the rest of our life.

Module 10 – What’s Going On vs What Are You Taking On? (25:02)

What’ the big picture? What are you taking on that is not you. This is the key to seeing why you are holding so much physically that you think is yours. It is not! You are not who you think you are.

Module 11 – Challenges To Blessings (20:37)

In a world where change is front and center, we see that chaos seems to rule. By not understanding what the chaos has to offer, we feel defeated and then question ourselves as different feelings begin to arise. Without this chaos, we wouldn’t know we had choices to make that test the soul into it’s magnificence. Life needs to be challenging in order to transcend us into a higher more expanded consciousness.

Module 12 – The Splendor of Surrender (20:16)

In today’s world, many of us are needing more information regarding the “letting go” process of our lives. We desire to live in the moment and not carry old baggage that has weighed us down. Surrendering to the ways in which we lived by protection, defensiveness, and many more blocks that kept us from truly recognizing our power, is what this lesson will enlighten you on.

Module 13 – Taking Your Power Back – Limitation to Liberation (19:38)

Ideas based on the way we choose to understand how we live our life are always changeable. We struggle with old ideas that no longer suite us, therefore enabling our disempowered situations. This lesson gives you NEW concepts and ideas to help remove these old blockages, set you free to your new destination on IN-JOY-MENT and help create the world you deserve!


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