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Mona’s ability to read your needs, whether they be emotional, mental, or physical, has been described as “uncanny”. She will tune in to the situation(s) that may have been there since birth, or even from other lives. Blockages in the body come from blockages in the psyche as well as physical. Our ideas of survival came from a decision somewhere in our life, and Mona will read it.

These “truths” are significant to your healing and help you to realize these unconscious choices we have made, thereby releasing you from that tie and freeing you into your Self. Many are discovering the absolute necessity of recognition in their lives today as they are ready to make the leap into the freedom within.


Throughout the year Mona offers a variety of LIVE Teleseminars that allows you to ask questions and get answers that can help to move your perspective into alignment with your Soul's Journey. All upcoming Seminars will be  posted on the homepage for easy access. You can use this page to sign up and reserve your spot for an exciting exchange of Soul to Soul transformation. Sign Up for Mona's Monthly Newsletter for all her latest offerings and words of wisdom.

Session Details


Mona will do  either a ONE HALF  or  FULL HOUR Healing Session with you 

via Skype or Phone

This allows you 

to be comfortable in your own home.

A Phone / or Skype Session is like being touched with a wand as you hear and feel your healing happening right over the phone. This is just as powerful as a hands-on session because truth and energy knows no bounds. This reading will still affect your physical body for the change, or shift, to develop within you.


If you have a physical session, it is like a massage fully clothed. 

( physical, in person sessions 

are by special arrangement ). 

Mona reads the areas of the body needing your attention. She will go into who, what , when , where, and why to produce relief. Sensations run through the body as it releases. This is typical as energy begets energy. You leave feeling lighter and clearer… ready for your desired way of living. Asking questions, having a conversation as to how you are feeling, etc are part of the package.

Session Choices


$125 for a Half Hour.

$250 for One FULL Hour

ALL Sessions are by PHONE or SKYPE (You must have & know Skype 

to choose that method)

 Call Mona 


of your session at 


All times listed are 

Pacific Standard Time (PST). 

Same day sessions are not available.


If you have any Questions or special requests concerning a session,

Then Email Mona. This is only for general questions about what Mona does and offers. She can not answer personal healing or health questions unless you sign up. 


  • Select desired Session Button above
  • Select a Date and Time ( All times are PST / Pacific Standard Time)
  • ** INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER with your contact info
  • Pay through PayPal...No Membership Required...Credit Cards and Debit OK. 
  • Session is scheduled upon payment with Paypal.  This is your receipt.
  • You will receive an Email and Text message of your Session Appointment and  a reminder the Day Before your Session. ( Texts can only be sent only for USA appointments )

** NOTE: If you have any special instructions or questions for the session, 

then email Mona below here...and indicate Your Name, Time and Date of your session.



I met Mona last night and through her was able to reconnect to my father – someone I’d only met once in my life. It was profound and deeply affected me. I can’t thank her enough for guidance and love. She is truly amazing. Thank you Mona. 

You’re the best!


Physical Sanity


We both felt so good after that first treatment that we felt a second treatment would cement the ‘physical sanity’ that followed the treatment. I call it ‘physical sanity’ because the healing instilled an energy and balance in our bodies. 

Instead of the pain, 

we had positive energy. 

Debra , 2017


Flashes of Light


Mona was able to tell me things about myself that she couldn’t possibly have known unless she was truly reading my energy and in tune with my spirit. She found substantial energy blocks in my adrenal glands, thyroid, stomach, throat and lymphatic symptoms. 

And you might also remember that as she was clearing them…

I could see flashes of light 

like lightning surges.

Cherie -  2017 


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