Testimonials from the heart

It's with an endless amount of gratitude I have for Mona.  She has always given me the honesty, help, humor, emotional support and uplifting reassurance that I needed to bring me out of low points in my life, and healing physical problems and explaining their causes. As a result, I learned to grow and regain my self-confidence. Her humor and the knowing that all will be well was so comforting. 

She has saved me from a possible serious heart condition, but the most amazing time was when I had to go to the ER. Being in a serious condition (I was slowly dying), I was not able to walk without help, and my face was swollen. That day, while in the ER, I remembered that an appointment was made to call Mona.  Here I was, in the ER, hooked up to the EKG (wired for sound, LOL), IV flowing, and Blood Pressure set on auto, and feeling so depleted. I asked for privacy, while on my cell phone to talk with her and that is when things started to really turn around. Mona went to work on me, after I explained my situation. I let her know what my blood pressure was at certain changes. Then she told me to let her know when an alarm went off (didn't have to as it was so loud, she could hear it). The blood pressure eventually went to normal. She was able to bring me back to balance. I was severely dehydrated and needed lots of fluid to be transferred into me. During all this time, she was very reassuring and uplifting. I felt safe and knew that all was going to be well, and was even able to laugh occasionally! 

I will have to say, it was the most unusual but good experience that I have ever had in my life!  Can you just imagine, being in the ER, ER staff just out of the room I was in, hooked up to an IV, EKG, Blood pressure and having remote healing to boot!  I was able to go home that day. It was a gradual recuperation, and now I can prepare meals, do housework and drive my car. I take my time now on these things. 

Thank you Mona and I thank God for bringing you into my life.  

- Barbara , 2019


I offer this heartfelt testimony to honor Mona Delfino.  After having many sessions with Mona over the past few years, I find myself more aware after each and every one.  While working with Mona I’ve experienced a gamut of cleansing emotions ranging from tears to laughter, with laughter always surpassing the sorrow.  

Mona’s innovative approach opens one up to a clearer awareness and knowing.  It is then up to each of us to take that knowing and apply it, as we walk our own individual paths of truth.

I am truly grateful that Mona is willing to share her amazing gifts and talents with the world. I have benefited tremendously from this sharing.  I know that anyone who meets Mona and decides to work with her will have a life changing experience and will be profoundly affected on all levels of being. 

- Cheryl F., 2019


Mona!  I wish you could have seen the look on our Vet’s face when I told him what a critical role you played in Boo’s recovery after they removed the 2 1/2 lb tumor from his chest.  You removed ALL of his fear and anxiety and helped restore his life energy so he could focus on healing, and you blessed us with faith in his recovery. Now 10 mos later Boo is a healthy and happy 8 year old playing with his new puppy and enjoying his life. 

We are SO VERY GRATEFUL for your energy work!!!!!  You helped ALL of us recover!!! 

God Bless You! - Cathy G., 2019


Your Hope for the World

Your Hope for the World

Your Hope for the World



My niece sent me an email with your web site. It is so delightful to see your gift is helping so many people. I immediately did some chaka balancing, that I had not done for some time. I had open heart surgery in Dec. 2006, and since then, life has been a challenge. Your special gifts, have awaked new possibilities to me.

Thank you for Sacred Reconnections. Your hope for the world, and understanding the changes taking place within,are timely inspirational.

- Carolyn


Being a Lightworker and healer, I am very sensitive to energy and always careful who I allow into my energy field. I heard Mona on a webinar, immediately resonated with her intuitively knowing her work would help me. After telling her what had been going on with my body, she was immediately drawn to my adrenals. She worked on them for about 10 minutes before moving on to another area. I had not realized my adrenals were exhausted and were the cause of the aching in my lower back. After my session I walked to the living room, the pain from my adrenals was gone!!! It was so nice to be able to walk without that pain. I am so grateful for you and your gifts.   

- Suzi D. 

I Am So Grateful

Your Hope for the World

Your Hope for the World



Yesterday I was a sleep walker, enveloped in a box of fear, trying to find my way out but unsure of how to do it. After years of searching for a guide and a healer who was the “real deal”, I finally met Mona. After she worked on me, I quickly discovered the answer to my dis-ease, “Love My Self!” It may sound simple, but allowing myself to do that was difficult because my box kept me bound in expectations, illusion and superficial patterns. with Mona’s healing hands and loving heart, I began to unfold each corner of that box, revealing to myself that I am loved and loving. Today, fear is quickly leaving my life and I am waking up more and more. I am learning of my own power, my own light and that my life is important. Mona’s master connection with the universe continues to amaze me. I would not hesitate to recommend Mona to anyone who values their own physical, spiritual, and emotional health.

- Lynn 


I’m so grateful and thankful. The session I had was soooo helpful. First time in years to feel energetic. And no more mini heart attacks at night. I’ve also had interesting experiences since the session.

- Hiroko Ito, Japan 

Mona is Amazing

Your Hope for the World

In a Much Better Place



Mona. What can I say. She is my angel. I thank Julia every day for finding her for me. I have lived with chronic pain for many years. I thought this was my life. I was wrong. Thank God. I’m almost pain free. There are many days I’m pain free. At first I wondered how long it would last. I don’t think about that any more.Why not? I know this is just getting better every day. I thought it was my body that was in pain but I found it was my soul that was in pain. I’m crying because I’ve found someone that can find that pain and help me release it. I tell everyone I meet about Mona and her miracles. For Christmas I took a chance and bought Gift Certs for my children. I didn’t realize that my children were in so much pain. This has brought an already close friend, even closer. The gratitude that I have for Mona in my life is overwhelming and brings me to tears. She will always be in my prayers.

- Susan Bend, OR 


Mona is AMAZING! She removed all those racy worry thoughts with her magical ways. Something keeps coming up for me which I know has come up for me to connect with others with a different strategy other than struggle. I LOVE Mona.

- Hilary, NY 

In a Much Better Place

In a Much Better Place

In a Much Better Place



I just got out of a session with Mona and as I am walking out of my bedroom to the living room I can feel that my posture is straighter then I have felt in a very long time. Not to mention I can actually feel like my back has no tension in it. Before my session I was tired and my back hurt and I was not even sure I was up to the session. And for me not to be up for energy work is like a dog not up for a bone! I can’t even tell you how impressed and amazed I was when she pointed out two names of two people whom have had significant meaning in my life during the session. One I really didn’t think I still had any attachment to and the other one was not even directly related to me but I was carrying stuff around that I was not even aware of!

Before I write a book here; I would just like to say that right now I honestly feel like I am literally in a much better place then I was before my session with Mona. I had one session with her a long time ago and remember feeling like I was literally flying after my session. The other thing that is amazing with my working with Mona is when I can feel something going on in my body and then she tells me that , that is where she is working. I can feel my body shifting as she is working on it energetically and it is quite the moving experience! When she picked up on the two things I ate before my session that was just mind blowing! And then telling me to eat strawberries and corn while I have just been craving them recently was quite impressive as well! Of course, I do have to thank spirit, and both of our Angels and Guides for being with us as well, especially since Mona did point out , that , that is what has been getting me through such a rough journey! I did forget to tell her in the session, that yes, I am aware of the most beautiful angels and guides that are there for me when nobody else is! And now I have Mona to add to that list! Thank you so much Mona, from my heart to yours!

- Lisa Gagne  

Mind, Body & Spirit

In a Much Better Place

Mind, Body & Spirit



After my first appointment with Mona Delfino, I knew I had finally found a new way of relating to my body that would change my life forever. I had seen many MD’s, and specialists only to be told “go home and live the best you can until it’s over”. Then I found a naturopath whom helped me an enormous amount. She said there is something we are not quite getting too, and her testing said it has to do with fear. As Mona and I worked together, everything she said resonated so true within me that I knew we were on the right track. Finally, someone who understood the depth of mind, body, spirit work I still needed and wasn’t afraid to say exactly what I needed to hear. Her technique opened my eyes & mind, I was able to understand why my body was reacting the way it was and start working on how to fine tune aspects of my life to gain the best healing possible.

Friends and family are already commenting about the improvements they are noticing. Working with Mona has been a blessing, she is truly gifted.

- Pamela, Park Ephrata, Washington 


I had a dream that felt so real that my heart was a crystal with a beautiful crystal blue energy eminating from it. My chest felt so full of wonder I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night! Look out world – I am alive!! Love to you,

- Debbie B.  2016


I wanted to thank you for our session today. I am already reaping the benefits from it. I honestly haven’t felt this “light” and excited about life in a long time.

- Stacy, December 11, 2017


Thank you Mona, after our session, I slept great, today I woke up feeling free of pain. Your Energy healing is amazing…Keep doing your Angelwork.

- Pam Drinnon  2017

An Amazing Healing

In a Much Better Place

Mind, Body & Spirit



Mona I can’t thank you enough for the powerful healing work you did on my 80 yr. old father. The doctors were stumped as to what put him into the hospital and it was so sudden. It literally happened overnight and we were worried he wasn’t going to make it. He went from an 80 yr. old man to a 93 yr. old without any explanation. Even though they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him it was like he wanted to die. After you worked on him/his soul, the very next day he had an amazing turn around. The doctors couldn’t believe the “remarkable” turn around that he made overnight. I knew deep inside that it was you. I knew that you had worked on him as that was the only explanation for this sudden improvement in my father without any medical intervention. He is doing so much better now and sounds like his old self. Thank you Mona for all that you do. You are an amazing healer and this world is a better place because of you.

Jayne D. ~



Thanks for everything, Mona! My stomach knots/anxiety have left! Thanks for sharing your gift with me.

- Melissa, December 11, 2017


First of all, please let me express my heartfelt gratitude for the services you render and all you do to assist mankind. My session was awesome….the pain in my throat, back and chest is null and void.

I am truly grateful….I am overwhelmed with joy.

- Donna Morrison 


Not only is Mona a dear friend she is one of the most amazing healers I have ever encountered. Her intuition of the body, mind, and spirit will bring wellness and understanding if you allow her abilities to be part your experience. She is truly blessed in these techniques. As I have said to others her healing is that of multiple healing energies, spiritual and universal, chiropractic and massage with a sprinkling of shamanic and cosmic intuition.

- Ken Landis 

What People Are Saying

My sessions with Mona are among the most important things I’ve done for myself…ever. With an intent to open myself to healing power, Mona simply reached in to my psycho-spirtual-physical body, found the source-cause of flow-disturbances, and…made them gone. 

That was the first session. After which, I yelled, sobbed, throbbed. Under cloudy odd feelings over my dearly departed emotional patterns, I stayed confused and sleepy for one week’s time. And thrilled at such an obvious shift.

So many details…how could she have known? She read my energy and noted my stomach was bloated - I didn’t tell her before or after about my IBS. The next session, she released a lot of emotions from my left hip - I didn’t tell her I had a dream a month before about a Native American healer touching my left hip. 

Session two was installation of the right things - I buzzed with energy, went to the gym and had power dreams all night long. That old BS is over, the real good stuff is here! 

- C. Richardson, Pittsburgh 2019 


My first session was in 2016. I called to ask you about my inflammatory joint condition. You started the session, but stopped and said that you had to fix my heart first. You said that there was a serious problem that needed immediate attention. You also found that my diaphragm was not working properly.

After some time you stated that things would be better now. We never did work on the inflammation that day. Some background info that you did not know:  Many drs have commented on how my heart had a bit of arythemia (sp?).  I have heard this since I was very young. The drs seemed puzzled but not necessarily concerned.

The other symptom that I had was that every time I tried to lay on my left side, my chest would start to hurt just as I imagined a heart attack might feel like. I would roll to the right and all was good. After you worked on my heart, I was able to sleep comfortably on my left side and still can two years later.

My second session was equally as successful. After a stressful event I developed severe diarrhea and this went on for 28 days straight without any relief. I’m talking 15 episodes during the day and up to 6 during the night. I was tested, twice for everything that might be causing it and both times all of the lab tests came back negative.

You diagnosed it as stress related to an issue with a change I had made to my business 2 years prior. Tracing back, that is when my first unexplained diarrhea episode occurred. This unexplained severe diarrhea would occur every 4 months or so until I spoke with you a few weeks ago.

You worked on me and I immediately felt better. I’m doing very well now just two weeks later. You helped me to understand that the background stress was different than acute stress, but it was every bit as damaging to my health if not more so because it never went away.

I changed my thoughts and released my guilt and inappropriate feelings of responsibility and I feel so much better now. You also worked on my kidneys and my ankles have now stopped the fairy severe edema and are now mostly thin all of the time now. 

Thank you so much for your loving patience, guidance and healing. I feel so cared for by you during our sessions.

Until next time, Linda ~Sandpoint, Idaho


Life altering moments happen rarely. I share this personal moment to show my gratitude for Mona but more importantly to pay it forward in hopes someone else will benefit as well from her gifts. My sister passed away a year ago and it is without question a prolific moment that destroyed me but is defining my new life. I saw Mona last fall and found a sense of peace that sustained me for a while. That didnt last because of me. I was not ready to change. I was not ready to let go. I was not ready to be real with myself and how I feel.

Fast forward a year. I know it seems like a long time but time is a relative term. I let my hurt, my pain, my life overwhelm me to a point that was not only debilitating but dangerous to my health and well being.

Mona began to heal me and then something miraculous occured for her and for me. My sister started speaking through her and used her as a conduit to heal me. I have never felt such peace, pure love and energy. I am not sure many people get to experience how I felt and now feel. It was powerful! Gratitude is a word we use when we are grateful….this was more than a word. Mona, I know I am blessed because of you and through you. XO

Va  2017


I am writing this testimonial to honor Mona Delfino. I have come to know Mona through the most profound healing sessions I have ever experienced. I was deeply moved by her ability to look right into my soul and tap into the issues and challenges that have been affecting me, not just on a physical level, but on many levels. As a result my physical issues diminished and I am able to “see” and “feel” with more clarity. I am now empowered, enlightened and energized. Mona ignited a spark within me. This caused an awakening, which in turn motivated me to remember that the answers are within and have been there all along. With Mona’s guidance and healing I was able to know, understand and accept this life changing realization. I now know who I am and how I could, with confidence, truly shine my light out into the world.

Thank you Mona for having the courage to use your gifts for the good of all. Even when I am listening to Mona speak online or when reading one of her books, her words are still powerful and they usually pertain to something relevant to me at the moment.

I am deeply grateful for Mona’s grace, joy, enthusiasm, dedication, love, laughter and energy healing abilities that help raise humanity’s consciousness to levels beyond the moon and stars.

Cheryl F. 


My friend and I drove down to Bend, Oregon to experience 4 sessions on the Life Vessel at the Amolite clinic. During our first visit, we had a serendipitous and fortunate experience to hear about Mona Delfino, a highly gifted medical intuitive and shamanic healer. As soon as I heard about her, I felt like the hairs on my arms stood on end and knew I had to meet her. Three days in to the Life Vessel treatments, I had my first session with Mona that was deeply attuned and healing. She was able to discern very quickly the root causes of the issues I was dealing with and offer powerful energetic healing. This unique combination of life vessel treatments with a healing session with Mona had a huge impact. Sessions on the life vessel calmed my nervous system down and helped to establish harmonic resonance at the cellular level. By the time I saw Mona, I felt more open, receptive, and “pliable” to Mona’s messages and to letting go of what no longer served me. Since returning home to Vancouver, Canada, I feel more grounded in calmness, peace, love and self-acceptance which broadened my perspective and perception and increased my receptivity for further transformation in a follow up session with her via skye. I would highly recommend Mona Delfino to anyone seeking growth, transformation, expansion of consciousness and healing. From my personal experience, I believe that combining Life Vessel sessions with a session with Mona has a synergistic effect.

Patrizia Vancouver, Canada 


I am so very grateful for my session with Mona. I am not a beginner to this world and I have never before met anyone with her talents. The shift that took place during my session was truly life changing. Our time together was the best investment in my emotional and physical health that I could have ever made. It has been a week since my session and I feel truly liberated. This is not a temporary fix, it is the real deal and I feel so very blessed. You are a huge gift Mona and your are a true Pioneer demonstrating the future of healing. I am proud to know you.

Stephanie H. 


I want to thank you so much for your help. I was in a lot of pain with flu-like and intestinal issues. You were able to fit me in your schedule and I deeply appreciate it. Shortly after our session, I was able to fall asleep for about an hour for the first time all day even though I was exhausted from vomiting, diarrhea, and a fever. You found that my issue was really bladder and kidney infection. I followed your instructions by taking hot apple cider vinegar baths for 3 days, resting, etc. What really was amazing was that when I woke up from my nap right after our session, the pain had diminished to almost no pain at all. My fever disappeared the next morning and it just got better each day. The fourth day I felt normal again. Thank you so much for using your healing powers to help those of us who haven’t been able to always get it by ourselves!

Barbara D


I usually don’t write y’all but I just couldn’t keep silent on this.

Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure of connecting with Mona Delfino. You see I had booked an energy session with her as I had been feeling rather overwhelmed, stressed and holding a lot of fear and sadness from the death of my parents. I felt it was bubbling over and affecting how I was as a wife, mother, friend, colleague and person.

Mona, was able to tell me things about myself that she couldn’t possibly have known unless she was truly reading my energy and in tune with my spirit. She found blockages in my adrenal glands, thyroid, stomach, throat and lymphatic system. As she was clearing them I could see flashes of light like lighting surges. She found many of my blocks were from past life traumas that were still affecting me today and holding me back from being the person I was actually meant to be.

So I’m now 24 hours out from my call with Mona and I have to say as a person I feel so much more relaxed and at peace. Things that I was, up until my call with Mona, letting get under my skin and affecting how I viewed the world now don’t seem to be that big of a deal for me anymore. I feel so much more open and free. Even my husband, Darius, says he can sense a shift in my energy.

I implore you, if you are looking for a top notch energy medicine practitioner, please don’t look any further. Book your session with Mona today. You won’t be disappointed. She is in one word fabulous.

Mona discovered 3 balls of lower energy and negative emotions in various parts of my body. One was in the back of my head. It begin in 2013 when my mother in law passed away. Another was in my intestines that I have carried since I was a little boy. As soon as Mona started working I felt heat and tingles. She cleared away all the blockages. She told me I would feel more excited about the future, have less worry and would feel deep joy.

Results: Its truly ASTOUNDING! I literally feel like a totally different person but still me! I can’t remember ever feeling so free and connected. I was starting to feel stuck and sometimes dreaded new opportunities and situations. Right now I feel like a ‘dark cloud’ has been pulled off me and its getting stronger and stronger each day. Plus my hip which used to hurt in the morning has not bothered me AT ALL! I know I was carrying a ‘burden’ there too!
Mona is simply incredible. I cannot recommend her enough!

Cherie Barazandeh 


It’s Sunday 11/27 just after Thanksgiving.

I wanted to share some 1-month updates from my 1-on-1 session with Mona Delfino.

If you’ve lost a loved one or just understand energy – you know holidays can be challenging. After losing my mom the holidays had been very hard. But after Mona’s session, I am still feeling the freedom and peace I wrote about in my first email.

You might remember that during my 1-on-1, Mona was able to tell me things about myself that she couldn’t possibly have known unless she was truly reading my energy and in tune with my spirit. She found substantial energy blocks in my adrenal glands, thyroid, stomach, throat and lymphatic symptoms. And you might also remember that as she was clearing them…I could see flashes of light like lightning surges.

She found many of my blocks were from past life traumas that were still affecting me today and holding me back from being the person I was actually meant to be.

Since the session, I’ve felt way more relaxed and at peace.
And even almost 1 month I still feel more ‘peaceful’ and at ease.
And much more open and free…
And ‘yes’ Darius still senses a big shift in my energy!
You can read all about what she did for me right here>>
You won’t be disappointed… I know I am still blown away by it all.
Mona is fabulous and it still feels amazing!

Cherie Barazandeh 


I have just received my phone session with Mona and I have to share my utter amazement! I was really, really struggling and within 20 minutes, Mona has literally changed it all! She honed right in, got right to it, and I am just amazed! She immediately knew events, patterns, and how/where it was affecting my body and life. She did her thing and I felt it all very powerfully! My entire body feels quite different and even my troublesome eyesight is now absolutely bright and clear! This session was so powerful, the effects so dramatic, that I just had to let you know. And, most importantly, the session was fun! Mona was so friendly and real, she put me immediately at ease! I feel that I just received a bonafide “part-the-clouds, sun-bursting-forth, glory-hallelujah” of a session and I’m ever so grateful! Please thank your wife for so generously recommending Mona and let her know that I most happily underline, highlight, and triple exclamation point her recommendation!!!

C. H. 2017


Thank you for bringing us Mona Delfino! She is The Quantum Shaman! What a powerful healing capacity, energy is her friend. I know she wants to Shamanize the Humanity and I am a living proof of that. I feel healed, empowered, enlightened after my sessions with her. Love you Mona!

Maria Paris 


Thank you so much for this amazingly informative and value-adding call. I felt a beautiful warmth around my heart space. I am grateful for making a heart connection.

Julie Johannesburg 


That was incredible!!! I blew “Love” into my ball and when I put into my heart, I heard a lot of angelic voices say aloud “love love love love” over and over. It was the most AMAZING feeling! Thank you Mona!!*

Karen NYC 


I had my reading with Mona and during the phone consult, spirit kept telling her I needed to go to my local book store. It came up several times. Later that day I decided to go into town. I stopped for lunch and I was debating to go by the bookstore. I parked my car and in front of me where my numbers written on a temporary license plate of a new car. These numbers have always confirmed my thoughts when I am looking for direction. With that confirmation, I was off to a small book store I had remembered passing by while exploring this new town I had moved to 3 months before.

I get to the bookstore and it is called, “The Next Chapter”. I laughed how appropriate. As this is a new chapter in my life. I giggled! I went inside and their was a women who greeted me with a big smile. As we began talking, she was from the state I had just moved from. It was also where her husband went to college and his best friend is an acquaintance of two of my friends. I even know his friends wife who was a client of one of my clients. What a small world!!! One thing led to another and we chatted for hours. We ended up going out to dinner.

Needless to say we have become friends. I am blessed to have met such a nice family. I have spent time with them, their daughter and their grandchildren on several occasions where we have shared many laughs!

Dar Bellissimo Capital Avenues 


Fifteen years ago I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and GERD, a painful acid condition in my stomach. Over the years I actually got an ulcer on my esophagus from acid coming up from my stomach at night as I slept on my side, it just sat there and ate a hole in the tissue. This made it very difficult and painful to eat. Over time scar tissue developed and it became a stricture that would close up and prevent food from descending, actually going into retroperistalsis sending the food back up. I would have to drink water to get it to go back down and push (painful!) thru the stricture so it could go into the stomach. This went on for the last 15 years and nothing I did or any change of diet that I tried helped or relieved the issue.

One energy session with Mona and everything was GONE!!! Two days ago I ate pizza and there was not only no acid but I didn’t need to drink anything to get it to go down properly!! I can eat anything now and everything works like it did when I was in my 20s!!! The stricture is totally gone! The acid reflux is totally gone!! The hiatal hernia is gone!!! I am finally free to eat like a normal person!!

Tears of gratitude to Mona!!



I was really drawn to you through the Darius show. I am so happy that I followed my guidance cause I experienced some profound expansion through my heart and connection to my son in spirit. I want to share the confirmation that I received form my first session with you.
My heart was darkened with deep sentimental sadness after experiencing 4 major losses in the time frame of 6 years..My mother and brother passed, I went through a divorce and the deepest pain was when my oldest son Adam passed at the young age of 17 years old. Adam came through while you were sending your beautiful healing energy to my heart space. You said Adam was holding me up in the middle of Wildflowers as I was feeling the high vibration of Heaven! It was quit profound as my body was vibrating very high something I will never forget. I have never felt such a tremendous shift as the deep sadness lifted and the weight on my back and shoulders were gone. My heart felt so much freer!
My birthday was January 16th and I had booked another healing session with Mona the day after for I felt I needed a bit more love sent my way. Every birthday I always invite Adam in to share with me on my special day. I said Adam, I know you are with me but I would love some flowers today, As he often does. We have always shared a very deep love and connection on earth and the past 20 years since he has been in spirit. On this birthday it was quit emotional.. My dear friend Robin came to work and surprised me and brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers! They were a combination of orange tulips and purple irises. She literally said to me, I could not decide which flowers to buy you so I asked Adam. I was overwhelmed with emotion, The flowers were so beautiful. All I could do was hug her and cry. I was getting off early that day so right before I was getting ready to leave, something miraculous happened..
Koen, a very special 5 year old who just adores me and we have a very special connection knew it was going to be my birthday. I saw his parents and his little brother Joel the day before. As mentioned I was getting ready to leave and the door opens and in comes the family and Koen just looks at me with such a huge smile on his face. He walked over to me and out from behind his back he gave me a bouquet of Wildflowers!!!
Omg!!! I was overwhelmed with emotion and I just gave Koen the biggest hug and kiss ever…Koen was over come with pure joy to give them to me and a card to go with it. That moment meant every thing to me cause my son Adam came through and used Koen to delivery the most amazing gift ever, yes, Wildflowers! But most of all, the pure unconditional love and divine connection from a mother and son. There isn’t anything Adam will not do for me.. LOVE NEVER DIES
Even though Adam continues to support me he still never seises to amaze me and I must admit, I sure do love his gifts he surrounds me with.
Koen’s parents have no clue even about Adam but I will have to share the story with them.

Loretta Lake Tahoe