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  • Sebastian

    August 2021
    Thank you so much for Wednesday’s session. I feel great and notice a huge difference in my body mind and spirit…. I’m so relaxed, feel peace like have I have never felt before and all the spasms are gone!!!!! Wow what a difference! I can’t THANK YOU enough!
  • Dominic

    August 2021
    Two weeks ago I had a one hour session with you (my first) and I just wanted to thank you. My Parkinson’s symptoms have minimized, I no longer dwell on my story and I feel I am in a much better frame or mind. I am also doing much more of what I “want" to be doing as opposed to dwelling on what I feel I “ should" be doing. My often overlooked sense of playfulness is returning and I am enjoying that new found energy. I really appreciated the great mix of skill, empathy and forthrightness that you drew upon in your session with me.
  • Lily

    April 2021
    I believe I can speak on behalf of our collective class with Mona Delfino and say that Mona is an incredible shaman extraordinaire, healer & more, not only because her wisdom is infinite, but because she understands the true value in sharing and teaching her knowledge and wisdom. We are grateful for Mona. We love you, Mona!
  • Roger

    December 2020
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  • Victoria

    November 2020
    I first saw Mona at talk... and I was instantly drawn to her style of teaching. She brings in laughter, gentleness, and compassion in the information she shares with you. She answered all my questions, and though there was so much information, my sessions with her felt so spacious. I learned so much, and I am so grateful. She is such a powerful healer and teacher. I have so much love for you, Mona!!!
  • Cathy G

    Mona! I wish you could have seen the look on our Vet’s face when I told him what a critical role you played in Boo’s recovery after they removed the 2 1/2 lb. tumor from his chest. You removed ALL of his fear and anxiety and helped restore his life energy so he could focus on healing, and you blessed us with faith in his recovery. Now 10 months later Boo is a healthy and happy 8 year old playing with his new puppy and enjoying his life. We are SO VERY GRATEFUL for your energy work!!!!! You helped ALL of us recover!!! God Bless You!

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My healing session with Mona provided me with such valuable insight and healing!  She read my energy with pin point accuracy!  She told me of a past life, and that it's energy is still hanging on in this one.  It all made so much sense. She then assisted me in clearing the remaining sadness and loneliness in my heart from this past life, so that I can move forward in this one.  I feel more empowered, and like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and the burden released from my heart.  It's as if I'm able to look at life through a new lens!  

I'm eternally gratefully for Mona. Not only is she delightful and vibrant, she's amazing in her abilities, and thankfully shares them with the world.  I would recommend to anyone who can't make sense of an emotion, or figure out where it stems from, to book a session with Mona.  The insight will be priceless and the healing will be measurable!! 

Kim B. |  June 2019
It's with an endless amount of gratitude I have for Mona.  She has always given me the honesty, help, humor, emotional support and uplifting reassurance that I needed to bring me out of low points in my life, and healing physical problems and explaining their causes. As a result, I learned to grow and regain my self-confidence. Her humor and the knowing that all will be well was so comforting. 

She has saved me from a possible serious heart condition, but the most amazing time was when I had to go to the ER. Being in a serious condition (I was slowly dying), I was not able to walk without help, and my face was swollen. That day, while in the ER, I remembered that an appointment was made to call Mona.  Here I was, in the ER, hooked up to the EKG (wired for sound, LOL), IV flowing, and Blood Pressure set on auto, and feeling so depleted. I asked for privacy, while on my cell phone to talk with her and that is when things started to really turn around. Mona went to work on me, after I explained my situation. I let her know what my blood pressure was at certain changes. Then she told me to let her know when an alarm went off (didn't have to as it was so loud, she could hear it). The blood pressure eventually went to normal. She was able to bring me back to balance. I was severely dehydrated and needed lots of fluid to be transferred into me. During all this time, she was very reassuring and uplifting. I felt safe and knew that all was going to be well, and was even able to laugh occasionally! 

I will have to say, it was the most unusual but good experience that I have ever had in my life!  Can you just imagine, being in the ER, ER staff just out of the room I was in, hooked up to an IV, EKG, Blood pressure and having remote healing to boot!  I was able to go home that day. It was a gradual recuperation, and now I can prepare meals, do housework and drive my car. I take my time now on these things. 

Thank you Mona and I thank God for bringing you into my life.  
Barbara | 2019
Friends and family are already commenting about the improvements they are noticing. Working with Mona has been a blessing, she is truly gifted.

Pamela Washington
I had a dream that felt so real that my heart was a crystal with a beautiful crystal blue energy eminating from it. My chest felt so full of wonder I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night! Look out world – I am alive!! Love to you,

~Debbie B. - 2016
Mona I can’t thank you enough for the powerful healing work you did on my 80 yr. old father. The doctors were stumped as to what put him into the hospital and it was so sudden. It literally happened overnight and we were worried he wasn’t going to make it. He went from an 80 yr. old man to a 93 yr. old without any explanation. Even though they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him it was like he wanted to die. After you worked on him/his soul, the very next day he had an amazing turn around. The doctors couldn’t believe the “remarkable” turn around that he made overnight. I knew deep inside that it was you. I knew that you had worked on him as that was the only explanation for this sudden improvement in my father without any medical intervention. He is doing so much better now and sounds like his old self. Thank you Mona for all that you do. You are an amazing healer and this world is a better place because of you.

~Jayne D.
Thank you for the great class today, I really appreciate your wisdom and the example you emanate of living in alignment with your intuitive guidance. Thank you for sharing your story about being in the Sequoias in 2014 with the Earthkeepers, your story truly touched my heart. It turns out that my husband, Justin, was there with you at the Earthkeepers event in 2014 at the Sequoias. I love life's synchronicities :)
I am so grateful to be part of your 4 week class series and have the opportunity to learn from you, thank you for making it so accessible for all to attend.Many heartfelt blessings.

~Renee Rowe
My niece sent me an email with your web site. It is so delightful to see your gift is helping so many people. I immediately did some chaka balancing, that I had not done for some time. I had open heart surgery in Dec. 2006, and since then, life has been a challenge. Your special gifts, have awaked new possibilities to me.

Thank you for Sacred Reconnections. Your hope for the world, and understanding the changes taking place within,are timely inspirational.

I offer this heartfelt testimony to honor Mona Delfino.  After having many sessions with Mona over the past few years, I find myself more aware after each and every one.  While working with Mona I’ve experienced a gamut of cleansing emotions ranging from tears to laughter, with laughter always surpassing the sorrow.  

Mona’s innovative approach opens one up to a clearer awareness and knowing.  It is then up to each of us to take that knowing and apply it, as we walk our own individual paths of truth.

I am truly grateful that Mona is willing to share her amazing gifts and talents with the world. I have benefited tremendously from this sharing.  I know that anyone who meets Mona and decides to work with her will have a life changing experience and will be profoundly affected on all levels of being. 

Cheryl F. - 2019
Yesterday I was a sleep walker, enveloped in a box of fear, trying to find my way out but unsure of how to do it. After years of searching for a guide and a healer who was the “real deal”, I finally met Mona. After she worked on me, I quickly discovered the answer to my dis-ease, “Love My Self!” It may sound simple, but allowing myself to do that was difficult because my box kept me bound in expectations, illusion and superficial patterns. with Mona’s healing hands and loving heart, I began to unfold each corner of that box, revealing to myself that I am loved and loving. Today, fear is quickly leaving my life and I am waking up more and more. I am learning of my own power, my own light and that my life is important. Mona’s master connection with the universe continues to amaze me. I would not hesitate to recommend Mona to anyone who values their own physical, spiritual, and emotional health.

Mona is AMAZING! She removed all those racy worry thoughts with her magical ways. Something keeps coming up for me which I know has come up for me to connect with others with a different strategy other than struggle. I LOVE Mona.

~Hilary, New York
After my first appointment with Mona Delfino, I knew I had finally found a new way of relating to my body that would change my life forever. I had seen many MD’s, and specialists only to be told “go home and live the best you can until it’s over”. Then I found a naturopath whom helped me an enormous amount. She said there is something we are not quite getting too, and her testing said it has to do with fear. As Mona and I worked together, everything she said resonated so true within me that I knew we were on the right track. Finally, someone who understood the depth of mind, body, spirit work I still needed and wasn’t afraid to say exactly what I needed to hear. Her technique opened my eyes & mind, I was able to understand why my body was reacting the way it was and start working on how to fine tune aspects of my life to gain the best healing possible.
Thank you Mona, after our session, I slept great, today I woke up feeling free of pain. Your Energy healing is amazing…Keep doing your Angelwork.

~Pam Drinnon - 2017
Thanks for everything, Mona! My stomach knots/anxiety have left! Thanks for sharing your gift with me.

~Melissa - December, 2017
Not only is Mona a dear friend she is one of the most amazing healers I have ever encountered. Her intuition of the body, mind, and spirit will bring wellness and understanding if you allow her abilities to be part your experience. She is truly blessed in these techniques. As I have said to others her healing is that of multiple healing energies, spiritual and universal, chiropractic and massage with a sprinkling of shamanic and cosmic intuition.

~Ken Landis
Mona. What can I say. She is my angel. I thank Julia every day for finding her for me. I have lived with chronic pain for many years. I thought this was my life. I was wrong. Thank God. I’m almost pain free. There are many days I’m pain free. At first I wondered how long it would last. I don’t think about that any more.Why not? I know this is just getting better every day. I thought it was my body that was in pain but I found it was my soul that was in pain. I’m crying because I’ve found someone that can find that pain and help me release it. I tell everyone I meet about Mona and her miracles. For Christmas I took a chance and bought Gift Certs for my children. I didn’t realize that my children were in so much pain. This has brought an already close friend, even closer. The gratitude that I have for Mona in my life is overwhelming and brings me to tears. She will always be in my prayers.

Susan, Bend, OR
Being a Lightworker and healer, I am very sensitive to energy and always careful who I allow into my energy field. I heard Mona on a webinar, immediately resonated with her intuitively knowing her work would help me. After telling her what had been going on with my body, she was immediately drawn to my adrenals. She worked on them for about 10 minutes before moving on to another area. I had not realized my adrenals were exhausted and were the cause of the aching in my lower back. After my session I walked to the living room, the pain from my adrenals was gone!!! It was so nice to be able to walk without that pain. I am so grateful for you and your gifts.

Suzi D.
I’m so grateful and thankful. The session I had was soooo helpful. First time in years to feel energetic. And no more mini heart attacks at night. I’ve also had interesting experiences since the session.

Hiroko Ito, Japan
I just got out of a session with Mona and as I am walking out of my bedroom to the living room I can feel that my posture is straighter then I have felt in a very long time. Not to mention I can actually feel like my back has no tension in it. Before my session I was tired and my back hurt and I was not even sure I was up to the session. And for me not to be up for energy work is like a dog not up for a bone! I can’t even tell you how impressed and amazed I was when she pointed out two names of two people whom have had significant meaning in my life during the session. One I really didn’t think I still had any attachment to and the other one was not even directly related to me but I was carrying stuff around that I was not even aware of!

Before I write a book here; I would just like to say that right now I honestly feel like I am literally in a much better place then I was before my session with Mona. I had one session with her a long time ago and remember feeling like I was literally flying after my session. The other thing that is amazing with my working with Mona is when I can feel something going on in my body and then she tells me that , that is where she is working. I can feel my body shifting as she is working on it energetically and it is quite the moving experience! When she picked up on the two things I ate before my session that was just mind blowing! And then telling me to eat strawberries and corn while I have just been craving them recently was quite impressive as well! Of course, I do have to thank spirit, and both of our Angels and Guides for being with us as well, especially since Mona did point out , that , that is what has been getting me through such a rough journey! I did forget to tell her in the session, that yes, I am aware of the most beautiful angels and guides that are there for me when nobody else is! And now I have Mona to add to that list! Thank you so much Mona, from my heart to yours!

Lisa G.
I wanted to thank you for our session today. I am already reaping the benefits from it. I honestly haven’t felt this “light” and excited about life in a long time.

~Stacy - December, 2017
First of all, please let me express my heartfelt gratitude for the services you render and all you do to assist mankind. My session was awesome….the pain in my throat, back and chest is null and void.

I am truly grateful….I am overwhelmed with joy.

~Donna Morrison
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