My niece sent me an email with your web site. It is so delightful to see your gift is helping so many people. I immediately did some chaka balancing, that I had not done for some time. I had open heart surgery in Dec. 2006, and since then, life has been a challenge. Your special gifts, have awaked new possibilities to me.

Thank you for Sacred Reconnections. Your hope for the world, and understanding the changes taking place within,are timely inspirational.

Carolyn December 11, 2017

Mona is truly amazing. She has helped me through a very difficult time in my life. Her energy healing really works wonders. I am a life-long fan, and not just because she is Sicilian!

Randal December 11, 2017

Mona. What can I say. She is my angel. I thank Julia every day for finding her for me. I have lived with chronic pain for many years. I thought this was my life. I was wrong. Thank God. I’m almost pain free. There are many days I’m pain free. At first I wondered how long it would last. I don’t think about that any more.Why not? I know this is just getting better every day. I thought it was my body that was in pain but I found it was my soul that was in pain. I’m crying because I’ve found someone that can find that pain and help me release it. I tell everyone I meet about Mona and her miracles. For Christmas I took a chance and bought Gift Certs for my children. I didn’t realize that my children were in so much pain. This has brought an already close friend, even closer. The gratitude that I have for Mona in my life is overwhelming and brings me to tears. She will always be in my prayers.

Susan Bend, OR December 11, 2017

I met Mona last night and through her was able to reconnect to my father – someone I’d only met once in my life. It was profound and deeply affected me. I can’t thank her enough for guidance and love. She is truly amazing. Thank you Mona. You’re the best!

December 11, 2017

Yesterday I was a sleep walker, enveloped in a box of fear, trying to find my way out but unsure of how to do it. After years of searching for a guide and a healer who was the “real deal”, I finally met Mona. After she worked on me, I quickly discovered the answer to my dis-ease, “Love My Self!” It may sound simple, but allowing myself to do that was difficult because my box kept me bound in expectations, illusion and superficial patterns. with Mona’s healing hands and loving heart, I began to unfold each corner of that box, revealing to myself that I am loved and loving. Today, fear is quickly leaving my life and I am waking up more and more. I am learning of my own power, my own light and that my life is important. Mona’s master connection with the universe continues to amaze me. I would not hesitate to recommend Mona to anyone who values their own physical, spiritual, and emotional health.

Lynn December 11, 2017

Mona I can’t thank you enough for the powerful healing work you did on my 80 yr. old father. The doctors were stumped as to what put him into the hospital and it was so sudden. It literally happened overnight and we were worried he wasn’t going to make it. He went from an 80 yr. old man to a 93 yr. old without any explanation. Even though they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him it was like he wanted to die. After you worked on him/his soul, the very next day he had an amazing turn around. The doctors couldn’t believe the “remarkable” turn around that he made overnight. I knew deep inside that it was you. I knew that you had worked on him as that was the only explanation for this sudden improvement in my father without any medical intervention. He is doing so much better now and sounds like his old self. Thank you Mona for all that you do. You are an amazing healer and this world is a better place because of you.

Jayne D. December 11, 2017

I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting Mona this week-end. She had me sitting on the edge of my seat, listening to her very intently and it reminded me that I make a huge impact with people and have tons to offer those that want it. She is a HUGE resource and a person that anyone that meets her will realize she is a real gem. The real McCoy if you will. She gives you a different paradigm and the impact is something along the lines of the vastness of the Grand Canyon. It is very deep and beautiful and as you grow the impact will grow. The time you invest with Mona is priceless.

Mona here is to you and those lives that you will impact into the future!!

Paul W. December 11, 2017

I am writing this after taking several days for everything which has begun to happen settle in a bit…wow! I can feel the Earth under my feet once again and I can feel my chi grow more organized and strong each day. Mona, what an amazing being you are! So many of my “problems” I was beginning to become resigned to, no longer, thank you very much. I know now I can restore my energies and am happily about the task with your showing me the path and by maintaining the balance you restored. I am almost giddy at the wellspring as my connection with Gaia is healed. I hope my love and appreciation are rippling the aether for all you have done. Finally and perhaps most importantly I wish to honor you as the Master you are. I am no stranger to the energies of creation or those gifted in its perception/ manipulation. In 40+ yrs of being aware of this as a reality I have been from Alaska to Bolivia and met Shaman, healers and Medicine men and women. Some were Char-le-Tan, others had some gifts, some used their gifts carnally or for ego and I have met a very few who were gifted masters. In all my experience I have never met a more masterful understanding and fine control of these gifts than what I saw in our short time together with you. I am so honored our paths have crossed thanks to a fortuitous meeting at a holiday inn. No coincidences there. My sweet Tam, what a gift she is in my life, without her being whom she is we may never have met. No coincidences. It is my sincerest hope our paths continue to intersect and from our meeting develops a kinship of like minds and a friendship of the heart. I write you with great love and respect.

Jim F. December 11, 2017

My partner and I wanted to tell you just how much we appreciate your help. As you know, when we first came to you, Pam was very ill. She was suffering from severe stomach pains from medications that she had to take for various other ailments such as arthritis, migraines, muscle aches. I had my own chronic pains and reoccurring bouts of illnesses. After Pam’s first healing treatment it was miraculous. Instead of crawling, or hobbling to the bathroom the next morning as she usually did, Pam stood upright and walked normally. She did not even realize it. I was shocked and thought maybe I was seeing things but as she walked back to the bed I was convinced. I also was very excited to have my own treatment. My treatment was a similar and the results were again amazing. A finger that hadn’t closed tightly in 18 months suddenly clamped. Pain in my shoulder was gone as was a chronic pain in my hip. Even though we did not have the chronic pains reoccur, we decided that we both wanted a second treatment before we came back to the states. We both felt so good after that first treatment that we felt a second treatment would cement the ‘physical sanity’ that followed the treatment. I call it ‘physical sanity’ because the healing instilled an energy and balance in our bodies. Instead of the pain, we had positive energy. Not jittery energy; calm, confident energy. The kind of energy that allows one to become what they want to be. This energy is a life giving, happy energy that has permeated our lives since the healing. Since receiving your treatments, neither of us has required any medications. We can’t thank you enough. Please feel free to share this letter with others. We are recommending all our friends and family come to see you. It is definitely worth the plane fare to Hilo.

Debra December 11, 2017

When I lived in Eugene, OR, I was given a Gift Certificate for a massage with Mona in 1993. That was 13 years ago. I had appointments with Mona for my hip pain and back until Mona moved to Bend… [T]hen one day recently I saw an article in “The Register Guard” newspaper that talked of a class she was giving here. I was so glad to see this, and called her to make an appointment with her while she was in town. All the trouble I’d had in my hip became worse when the doctors sent me to physical therapy. I just couldn’t hardly walk upstairs. So when I found Mona again, and had her work on me, once again I was amazed at how there was absolutely NO PAIN!!! This was 4 months of agony in my hip! Today, my hip is still pain free. To top it off, another testimonial that I feel impelled to share is about “shingles” I’ve had for 3 years. The “hot grease burning sensation” on the left side has been practically unbearable. Mona worked on it the last time I saw her and told me where it came from physically in my body, and I became pain free from Shingles for 30 straight hours!!! The meds I’ve taken have obviously masked the pain and just can’t take away the cause of the pain, therefore, it develops into a worse case later. I’m 74, and an absolute true believer in Mona and her work. I have not had hip or back surgery due to it. She is a miracle worker.

Marie G. Southerlin, OR December 11, 2017

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