Sacred Language of the Human Body

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We have to open our minds and live by our experience in order to achieve our potential and to truly heal. If you are ready to explore and participate in your healing then read on and you will be guided to find the way. Bernie Siegel, MD | Author of A Book of Miracles and Faith, Hope & Healing Humanity is experiencing a shift in consciousness today that is expanding for the betterment of the entire earth community. As this shift continues into and beyond 2012, we must begin to collectively consider another alternative to our personal and Integrative Health Care. For many years we have accepted going to a doctor as our only hope for health. With steadily increasing costs, continual misdiagnoses, addiction and dependency to prescriptions, then more prescriptions to offset the first dose of side-effects, we need to turn the corner now into the clear understanding of our very own health. 

You will learn the true cause of behaviors associated with your illnesses, by exploring essential steps in achieving healthy patterns and tools for memory shifting. The Sacred Language of the body is about the vast energy that fuels you mentally, emotionally, and most importantly, spiritually. It will guide you into empowering your life individually and collectively, allowing us to shape-shift our world into vibrant health once again. This is a time of recognition and reconciliation of our own spirit. A time when our human awareness is poised to experience a more fulfilling connection to the greater universe as we journey back to who we really are. Oneness within ourselves guides and produces oneness in our world. This is how true health is created. It is the Shaman’s path, an integrated way of living, where simplicity and knowledge shall lead the way towards a planet of balance and harmony.

When I first wrote the book, The Sacred Language of the Human Body, it was a way in which I could express conditions in our body and what they were trying to tell us. I am not a big fan of diagnosis’s, especially because that labels us and makes us feel victimized at times. 

You will find answers in your subconscious that have become patterned. Many of these patterns were from the past and in the survival mode. As we age, change, and shift into the 5th Dimension, we are needing to learn how to release the past through recognition of these patterns!

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