How our lives can transform and heal through the power of coherence

Quantum Shaman Series

Featured Interviews

Mona Delfino Magical Quantum Healer

Interviewed Daisy Oz Productions. Mona talks about how she was a born Shaman, is a speaker, author, and world-renowned Energy Medicine Practitioner of 40 years.

Ancestral Healing Summit

Bloodline Affiliations, with Mona Delfino.  This interview was part of Ancestral Healing Summit, a free online event featuring leading ancestral healing experts. For more information, please visit

Beyond The Veil Summit

This interview is part of the Beyond The Veil Summit, a free online event featuring near-death experiences, mediumship & the science of the afterlife.

Discover The Power Of Sound As Medicine

Discover how to use sound as medicine to effectively treat your health issues. Interview with Liz Gracia from

Your Self Healing Body

Using emotion, energy, and intuition to raise your joy and vitality! Interview with Dr. January Suarez.  Your Self Healing Body interview series

Energy Medicine & Healing Summit

Discover leading-edge Energy practices and unleash your body's ability to heal. This recording is a copyright of The Shift Network. All rights reserved.

Psychic Transference with Jeffrey Mishlove (1 of 3)

Mona describes her extraordinary example of psychic transference that occurred at the start of her practice as a massage therapist.

Listening to Your Body with Jeffrey Mishlove (2 of 3)

Each part of the body symbolizes an emotional function. Furthermore, each type of symptom also has an emotional meaning.

Listening to the Wind with Jeffrey Mishlove (3 of 3)

Here Mona relates to a personal story concerning her interactions with the indigenous Hawaiian traditions concerning the goddess Pele. The discussion also focuses on the role of the wind, or breath.
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